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Graduate leadership programmes are fast tracked programmes which are designed for graduates to become efficient professional future leaders or managers. They will usually last 2-3 years and will offer you structured training, development and excellent career progression. Leadership programmes can be found within any industry including Manufacturing, Retail, FMCG, Technology and many more. The structures of the programmes are interchangeable within different companies, so a leadership graduate career could take many forms.

Average Leadership Graduate Salary

Leadership Graduate Career Path

As Leadership schemes are so broad, there is no clear leadership graduate career path. This is up to you, and the area of the business you excel in. Below is an outline of what a leadership scheme might involve.

Many leadership schemes tend to be rotational. This means you will gain exposure into a variety of business functions. Rotations can include Buying, Merchandising, Marketing, Sales, HR, finance and many more.

The rotational model is in place for graduates to understand each aspect of a business so you can gain insight in a variety of functions and ultimately excel in a certain function when the scheme finishes. At this point you will take on a leadership or managerial role.

Some programmes will be focused toward certain business functions as opposed to a rotational model, and you may spend the whole of your two or three year programme in one area, i.e. Finance or Marketing.

The majority of companies will offer you high level responsibility on completion of your programme.

Whilst eventual tasks within leadership and management can widely vary, some of your responsibilities may include:
- Improving operational efficiency across different business areas
- Helping the overall efficiency of customer satisfaction
- Implementing and defining business strategy
- Management of co-workers and colleagues 

Qualifications and Skills Needed

What proportion of candidates as a percent we place into Leadership graduate careers and the typical qualities graduate employers look for.

GRB Placements for Leadership by Degree

Typical Candidate Attributes

(this may vary)
- 2:1 (level) or above in related degree
- A commercial mind-set
- 300 UCAS points from your top 3 A-Levels or international equivalent
- Inquisitive problem solvers who are willing to challenge using innovative thinking
- Strong leadership potential demonstrated by extra-curricular activities
- Excellent communication skills
- Driven and motivated
- Career orientated

Sources of Further Information

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