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Conference production is the sector involved in extensive research, planning and management of business conferences and events. It is the responsibility of the individual to research the commercial viability of an event and then to write an exciting, market driven conference agenda and invite the best speakers possible. Due to the dynamic nature of a conference production graduate career, you could be producing a combination of conferences, events, round tables, summits or exhibitions.

The role of a conference producer would include the research and writing of a conference agenda and overseeing the event from start to finish. You essentially act as the 'brains behind the event'. Extensive research skills are needed, as is the ability to keep abreast of current affairs and business news. The great thing about working as a conference producer is that you get to attend each conference you produce and many of these take place abroad. Please note: this is not an events management role.

As a conference producer you would be required to network with key business decision makers and senior industry executives. As such, strong communication skills are a necessity, especially as you will need to have the confidence to conduct business research calls. Communication and people skills are therefore essential in being able to act confidently within the industry. Multi-tasking is also an essential factor, with a strict need for time management and organisation. A strong commercial awareness is also highly valuable.

Average Conference Production Graduate Salary

Conference Production Graduate Career Path

Within the industry, whilst there is no set path, careers tend to follow a certain pattern:

  • Junior Producer
  • Producer
  • Senior producer
  • Conference Manager
  • Conference/Division director

Producers generally grow through the ranks and progress the longer they are working within the industry. Many within the industry work as freelance conference producers. This may be attractive option if you have good experience within the field.

Qualifications and Skills Needed

What proportion of candidates as a percent we place into Conference Production graduate careers and the typical qualities graduate employers look for.

GRB Placements for Conference Production by Degree

Typical Candidate Attributes

Most vacancies advertised for such a role will generally expect a 2:1 or higher, with a general focus on personality rather than discipline. However, degrees in History, Geography, Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences are often preferred, but not essential and only favoured due to the research aspect of the industry. 2 As and a B at A level would be considered as a requirement too.

Skills needed for a conference production graduate career include: research, communication and people skills. People considered for the position would be confident with all kinds of people, able to work consistently and efficiently within any situation. As the role includes attention to many elements of events planning, it is required that individual are highly organised multi-taskers.

Having an entrepreneurial trait is also a desirable; being able to think outside the box, whilst processing information quickly and effectively. Someone who has a desire to learn about business would also be admirable. Extracurricular activities such as sports, music, travel or events roles also show signs of a candidate that would function well within such an industry.