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Experience tells us that recruiting early talent should be taken as seriously as recruiting a CEO. Any recruitment decision is an investment in the future success of your organisation and it should be the utmost responsibility of the hiring team to recruit the most talented individuals. The cost of making the WRONG hire can be more than financial. It could result in;

- Depleted recruitment budgets
- Wasted time
- Poor reflection on your management team
- Damaged employee relations and team morale
- Theft or embezzlement
- Negative reviews eg. Glassdoor 
- Endangerment of colleagues, clients and associates
- Lost productivity
- Legal repurcussions
- Public scandals and negative publicity

Let GRB navigate you through the process with our FAQs collated from partnering with the UKs most reputable firms since 1997.

What is the average graduate salary?

The average graduate salary will depend on several factors such as career type, industry and location. You may arrive at your graduate salary in different ways if you have a salary bands in place for instance.

How long do graduates stay with an employer?

According to the ISE, graduate retention varies by sector, but on average an employer retains 57% of its intake after five years. The average length of stay in first job is just under 4.5 years.

What is the average cost to hire a graduate?

According to 2020 ISE Student Recruitment Survey, the average cost per hire for a graduate was £4,794.

Which universities have the best graduates?

This really depends on your definition of best. What has been your experience to date? What skill set are you looking for? With over 100 institutions in the UK you may not want to restrict your choices too early and risk excluding talented students...

What are the biggest challenges recruiting graduates?

Graduate recruitment is not as easy as going to a Careers Fair and offering the best person a job. The graduate marketplace is extremely competitive, diverse, nuanced and fragmented which is why many recruiters invest time and money (or use a trusted...

How much do recruitment agencies charge?

It varies but generally it will either be based on a percentage of remuneration, a flat fee or a retainer.

Why do my job offers get rejected?

The market for top graduates is very competitive so making the best offer possible should normally secure the candidate.

I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”

- Lawrence Bossidy, GE