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About The Crown Estate

The history of The Crown Estate can be traced back to William the Conqueror and the Domesday Book, and more recently, to 1760, when King George III surrendered all his hereditary revenues to Parliament in return for an income for life. The Crown Estate Act of 1961 replaced all previous Acts relating to our role, and calls upon us to maintain and enhance the value and return obtained from The Crown Estate, 'but with due regard to the requirements of good management'.

Our purpose:

To create lasting and shared prosperity for the nation.

Our purpose sets out our primary reason for existence and guides the evolution of our strategy at the intersection between what society needs and where we can specifically and uniquely contribute.

It empowers us to make the most of today’s changing and uncertain world and enables us to unlock our potential and be resilient into the long term.

It gives us our 'north star', setting out our ambition for the future and the kind of positive impact we want to have. Our purpose flows through everything we do and unites us as one business.

Our values:

Caring, Together, Creative and Impactful.

Our values are the guiding principles that define our culture, guide our actions, and bring our purpose to life.


We are committed to looking after the world around us and each other. That’s why we are stewards: we seek to take care of people, reflect on our actions and carefully consider long-term impacts. To leave a positive legacy for generations to come, we treat people, places and the environment with the care and respect they need to thrive.


We work together and with others to deliver on our purpose. That's why we focus on building strong collaborative relationships with our customers, stakeholders and communities. To build trust, we focus on understanding the real needs of those around us.


We believe that creativity enables us to unlock new ideas and solve problems. That's why we strive for an inclusive culture where diverse perspectives and approaches are encouraged. To be a true catalyst for change, we embrace original thinking and the best ideas.


We believe that positive impact and financial performance must go hand in hand. That's why we challenge ourselves to deliver the key social, environmental and financial factors that underpin prosperity. In always striving to add value, we ask ourselves how our actions align with our purpose and make a meaningful difference.