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Volunteer overseas with SLV Global

SLV is a graduate-led organisation working in Sri Lanka and in Bali, Indonesia. Our aim is to provide Psychology students & graduates with the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience in the mental health sector. Our Mental Health Placements are for proactive students and graduates who are not only looking for hands-on experience in the mental health field, but are after an immersive cross-cultural experience as well.

About SLV Global

We began in 2010 when Lucy Nightingale, a then recent Psychology graduate from Manchester University joined forces with Yasintha Rathnayake, a Sri Lankan youth worker. We headed out to Sri Lanka as a team of recent graduates looking to gain practical experience in a challenging environment; our goal was to share our time and skills with pre-existing projects we felt could use a bit of extra support.

This past June we began our placements in Bali with the same aims as we have in Sri Lanka; to bolster the resources in social care initiatives abroad by placing skilled students and graduates into these settings who are keen to exercise their knowledge and gain hands on experience in the field relevant to their chosen course of study.

Our Mental Health Placements in Bali and Sri Lanka are designed for those wanting to gain a unique insight into how mental health treatment works in a completely different country and culture and include working with individuals suffering with mental illness, those with specific needs, teaching English in the community and attending workshops and field visits run by mental health professionals.

What do our volunteers have to say?

"My enthusiasm and enjoyment at projects made me realise I want to use my skills, knowledge and experience to help children in their personal and educational development."

"Went to Sri Lanka this summer for 5 weeks on the Psychology placement and had the most rewarding experience I have had. I had met some amazing people and learned some valuable facts about mental health in the country. I would love to return to Sri Lanka again."

"I left Sri Lanka after the 5 week Mental Health Placement with more knowledge, inspiration and friendships than I had imagined I would. The warm smiles we would see on the service users faces after every project made this challenging experience more than worthy. I will really miss Sri Lanka."

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