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Graduate Leadership Development Programme

Two years. 196 life-changing chats. 4.7 million steps walked on prison landings. 

For graduates on the Unlocked Leadership Development Programme, two years goes in the blink of an eye in prison. In that time, you’ll develop sought-after skills – in settings and situations you wouldn’t believe. 

This isn’t your standard graduate scheme. And this isn’t for standard graduates. You’ll train for six weeks. Then you’ll be ready to make a difference as a prison officer, in a close-knit team. We’ll make every second count. And we’ll support you to gain a fully-funded Master’s, develop policy to change the system, do a placement with a top employer – and ultimately, work with some of society’s most vulnerable people to help reduce the £18 billion cost of reoffending. 

This is two years to become a leader. One opportunity to change society. Make it count.

Graduate Leadership Development Programme

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