1. Registration

Register online for an interactive account where you can create your job seekers profile, upload your CV and update it at any time. Our experts will then match your CV with suitable career opportunities and contact you by email and/or phone to see if you are interested. This may happen within 12 hours of registering or longer depending on which graduates are in demand. We therefore cannot promise when we will contact you but we can promise that careers we introduce to you match your skill-sets and abilities. Your profile and CV will remain active in our system - which is regularly searched by GRB experts - so you may be considered for future openings that match your qualifications. However, if you desire, we will honour your request for removal from further consideration.

2. Application

You may apply for a specific role either online on our job vacancy page or via an e-mail you may have received from one of our consultants. Due to the high number of responses we attract if you do not hear from GRB within four weeks then your application is unsuccessful. We will however keep your details on our CV database and contact you when something more suitable comes in.


Our recruitment process can take up to 3 weeks but the timing varies so when a consultant contacts you please let them know about any factors affecting your availability. Candidates who get to the interview stage will be notified if the position is filled by another applicant.

Preliminary Screening

Our sector specific consultants review the qualifications of all candidates seeking consideration for a position and select CVs for the next stage which is a telephone interview.

Telephone Interview

To help align your interests with our opportunities, a GRB consultant will call you to ask for additional information, such as depth of technical/professional knowledge, availability for interviews, interest in relocation, salary expectations, etc.

3. CV To Employer

At this stage your CV will emailed to the recruiter with a short profile written by your consultant to support your application. We will chase for feedback and contact you if you have been selected for interview.

4. Interviews

Before your visit we will email you an information pack which will include detailed directions and interview tips. Your consultant will prep you for the interview over the phone and is there to answer any questions you may have. Your consultant will obtain feedback from the company, arrange any further interviews and handle any offers.

Background Checks

If you are being considered for a job offer, the recruiter will conduct a background check that covers your employment history, references, educational qualifications, etc. If no adverse information is reported during the check - which typically takes 3 to 5 days- they will proceed to make an offer.

5. Offer

If you're selected for the position and the background check is satisfactory, GRB will convey a formal offer. The offer package will include starting salary and a summary of benefits. Normally we would expect your decision within 1 to 2 days.

Hire and Orientation

After you accept the offer, we will discuss and determine your start date. You will then be automatically unsubscribed from our CV database. We do not help candidates find other work once placed with a client.


We ask for feedback on our service and welcome comments and suggestions on any area we can improve our service. We may also conduct other research with you from time to time.