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Rising Stars

Grab your next hire BEFORE your competitors. Did you know that 60% of graduates secure jobs before they graduate? We showcase a carefully curated selection of super-students who are looking to launch their career. Choose our Rising Star, your next leader, today.

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GRB are delighted to give you online access to CVs of the UK's Top 50 most in-demand graduating students from our talent pool that are destined to make a huge difference in the workplace: Rising Stars. Every month we will showcase a carefully curated selection of super-students who are looking to launch their career in the Summer. Choose our Rising Star, your next leader, today and get ahead of the game.

Our Rising Stars have shown our experts that they display some of the following characterisitcs:

-    excellent communication skills
-    commercial awareness
-    interesting achievements in extra-curricular activities
-    demonstrable teamwork skills
-    fantastic academic qualifications given personal context
-    proven leadership ability
-    positive can-do attitude
-    emotional resilience
-    self-motivated and driven
-    demonstrated entrepreneurial flair
-    strong references
-    hungry to succeed

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Normal hours of business:
Monday to Thursday - 8:30am-7:00pm
Friday - 8.30am-4:30pm

How it works

Once you receive your account information you can log-in and search for the perfect candidate. If you are interested in seeing a CV, simply click the 'Request CV' button to bring up an email request. A consultant will then contact you, and with the candidate's consent, forward the CV, arrange interviews and ultimately secure a job offer.

If you choose to hire any of our Rising Stars there will be a flat fee charge which we will inform you of when sending you CVs.

Join the many other graduate employers already benefiting from Rising Stars and request an account now!

Case Study

Elliott was chosen as one of our top 50 graduating students and was quickly snapped up by a recruiter. Read on to hear Elliott’s incredible journey to launching his career. 

“I first heard about Rising Stars after Loughborough Uni Careers service sent an email around to BSc Economics finalists. I applied and received a call from a member of the GRB team who interviewed me. It went really well and I was delighted to be chosen!”

“I was then offered the chance to take part in the Rising Stars webinar series designed to probe deeper into what finalists are looking for from employers. I was told employers are regularly checking out Rising Star profiles on the platform and I must have caught one employer’s attention because they wanted to interview me immediately. I agreed and to be honest I'd never heard of them but I was so pleased to have discovered them because they meet all my criteria! I even turned down a job offer with one of the big four consulting firms as this company so impressed me."

"I am pleased to say that I start in July with the independent business operations consultancy as a Graduate Trainee Management Consultant. I’d like to sincerely thank the team at GRB for running Rising Stars and enabling finalists like me a unique opportunity to showcase our achievements and personalities and really get noticed by some fantastic employers.”

+44 (0)1273 200411

Normal hours of business:
Monday to Thursday - 8:30am-7:00pm
Friday - 8.30am-4:30pm

Why Use GRB Recruitment

Why Use GRB?

What is your recruitment challenge? Chances are we have done something similar before so you are in good hands.

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Experienced Graduates

Utilising our graduate database and their respective niches, our two sister companies, Cortex and Metrica, have unrivalled access to experienced graduates.

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Student and Graduate Marketing

There are endless channels to reach this market, and through pure experience, we know the most effective.

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GRB Talent Pool Data

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