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Graduate Recruitment Outsourcing

Tap into a vast range of recruitment solutions designed for the early talent marketplace to your specific needs.

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Graduate Recruitment Solutions

Whether you're looking for early talent attraction support, screening CVs, telephone interviews, video interviews, assessment centre design or a fully outsourced process, we can support you no matter the scale of requirement. We can find you tomorrow's leaders, a specific skill set, improve your candidate experience or diversity by implementing a variety of different early talent recruitment solutions.

We work in a flexible and bespoke manner to tailor a solution to your needs, choosing between our stand alone solutions or have complete peace of mind with Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

T: +44 1273 830584   |   E: [email protected]

Graduate Attraction and Recruitment Solutions Team

Events & Brand Building

Utilise GRB's talent pool to invite your ideal candidates to a virtual or in-person event to showcase your brand and career opportunities. Utilise our team of experts to run or just drive traffic to a bespoke event such as ‘Women in Tech’ or Insight Days for your brand. We can also run/support any campus events you want to attend.

Tesco Virtual Assessment Day Case Study

Due to Covid 19 restrictions in 2020 our Discovery center's were moved online, a daunting but exciting experience for a business that would usually run Discovery center's for a minimum of 100 candidates at any one time – where did we start!

Online Attraction

Online Testing

Campus Attraction

CV Screening

Telephone Interviews

Assessment Days

Video Interviews

Virtual Solutions

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Bespoke Solutions

With such a range of services at our disposal we can create the right solution to meet your needs and support your strategy. Here are some past examples:

  • Full review of a graduate scheme, process & lifecycle
  • Provide specialist recruiters to cover interview overflow
  • Training programme for graduates joining the business
  • Project aimed at increasing female STEM candidates

Why work with GRB?

GRB are the most positive reviewed graduate recruitment consultancy in the UK so we know how important it is for you to get it right and in an extremely competitive market. We leverage 20 years of experience with a database of over 1 million graduates and students to safely ensure the success of your graduate recruitment programme.

T: +44 1273 830584   |   E: [email protected]

Graduate Attraction and Recruitment Solutions Team

The most positive reviewed graduate recruiter in the UK

Unique database and ATS with over 1 million users

Founder and host of industry-leading networking events

Major exhibitor at over 60 careers and fresher fairs

High-ranking in Google for competitive industry keywords

Strong social media following with high user engagement

200+ GRB Affiliates, promoting within closed networks

Strong representation of your brand from a trusted source

Monitored quality assurance from an experienced team

A focus on quality candidate experience and engagement

Diversity tracking and reporting to support any requirements

Detailed analytics and insight reporting on your campaign

Campaign Insight and Analysis


GRB understand the importance of tracking performance throughout all campaigns. We track all stages in the process and focus on diversity, candidate engagement and quality assurance throughout. We ensure you always feel like we are part of your team and there is no disconnect in any activities conducted.


Ruby Bullimore GRB

Ruby Bullimore

T: +44 1273 830584 E: [email protected]

Graduate Recruitment Solutions, Early Talent Recruitment Director
I'm a specialist Early Talent Recruitment Director with extensive experience managing recruitment campaigns for major global brands and organisations. Throughout my years at GRB, I have delivered many successful graduate recruitment campaigns for SMEs through to multi-million-pound projects for major multinationals looking to attract the very best talent in a competitive market. I understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to graduate recruitment. I strive to understand our client's immediate and long-term goals in order to act as an extension of your internal teams, ensuring success from the initial planning and assessment design, through to attraction, screening and selection.

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