As a graduate recruitment agency, we act as the intermediary between a company that needs employees, and students/graduates that need a job. This type of recruitment outsourcing is called Contingency Recruitment. The company who needs our services pays us a fee based purely on our success. Our consultants could spend a week building up a shortlist of candidates for one position, but the client only pays us for our time if one of the candidates we find becomes a permanent employee.

We work on an anonymous basis because we are protective; protective of you as the candidate, our client who is essentially funding our work, and our time:

It’s always a worry that a candidate will hear about a job through us, and then choose to apply directly. We tend to have a lot of insight and influence with our client, so this seems bizarre that a candidate would choose to bypass free help getting the job, but it does happen. As this company may not be expecting to deal with their direct applications as thoroughly, yours may get lost.

Secondly, our clients’ information is not ours to disclose, and our clients often dictate what we can and can’t publicise, as they are paying the bill. We do not want to get in trouble with our clients for obvious reasons.

And finally, one of our competitors might see that we are recruiting on behalf of a particular employer, and then contact that company in the hope that they can win their business instead. If they succeed, all of the time we’ve already spent searching for people will amount to nothing which makes us sad.

You won't be putting yourself forward for an unknown job, don't worry. Applying through our website simply sends your information to our consultants, not the company, so you have plenty of time to decide whether the job, role and company are right for you.

If our team get in touch, and you fit the requirements and show genuine interest, then they will release the company name and information.

We work on behalf of clients (graduate employers) who ask to stay anonymous on the website. This is often because they don't have the team in-house to go through all their applications, so they outsource it to us. If we released the name publicly, the company might get inundated with direct applications, which is not what they want.

The best thing to do is apply for the job, and the consultant who is in charge of finding candidates for that job will get in touch if they think you are the right fit to the role.

GRB has two offices, one in Brighton and one in London. However, we work nationwide, placing graduates from a variety of universities into roles in a variety of locations. Find out more about us.

Either fill out a General Enquiries form on our Contact page or call our Brighton office on 01273 325775.

The service is free, as recruiters pay us to find you.

You can view employee reviews on Glassdoor. Graduates may find it helpful to view the Graduate Testimonials section of our website. Clients may find it helpful to view the Client Testimonials section of our website.

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