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About Decathlon Group

A network of innovative retail chains and brands, providing enjoyment for all sports people.

Decathlon was founded by Mr. Michel Leclercq in France in 1976, who pioneered the sales concept of integrating all the sporting goods within one store.

Decathlon have since opened more than 1000 stores in 24 countries worldwide. In 2013, the Group achieved a turnover of 9.1 billion euros as a global industry leader.

At Decathlon, 70,000 of us live our common purpose on a daily basis: "to make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all".

In every country where we are present, we share a strong and unique company culture, reinforced by our two values: Vitality and Responsibility.

At Decathlon, we place innovation at the heart of our activities: from research to retail, including design, production and logistics. Our twenty Passion Brand teams channel all their energy in to developing technical, good-looking and simple products, always at the lowest possible prices.

These products are aimed at all sports enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, and are sold exclusively at Decathlon.

Decathlon China

Decathlon entered China in 1992 and initially engaged in the procurement and production of sporting goods. In 2003, the Group established the development of sporting goods retail in China as a primary strategy for the next decade, and relocated its Asia headquarters (including manufacturing and retail) from Hong Kong to Shanghai. The first Decathlon concept store was formally opened in Shanghai's Pudong District on November 5, 2003.

At present, Decathlon has more than 155 concept stores located in more than 60 Chinese cities. The stores usually cover 4,000 square meters, with 65 categories of sporting goods. In order to continue growing, our group are expanding further into the China market. We plan to open 500 stores in the next 5 years, and we are therefore looking for 6000 talented people!

Recruitment Policy

At Decathlon, customers and employees share a common passion: sport. If you join us, you'll be working with a dynamic team of sports enthusiasts.

Whatever your job title, you will actively take part in the development of the company, in new projects, and in the development of new products and services.

Our control over the whole product development chain will enable you to discover a diverse range of expertise: Research & Development, conception, design, IT, production, logistics and retail.

With us, every new employee undergoes an integration programme in which training plays a major role. This skills development process will continue throughout your career and will be adapted to your needs.

Who we're looking for

We wouldn't be this successful without recruiting strong-minded, brave people to share our ambitions. We do have quite a specific culture. You'll be learning your craft in a well-managed, efficient environment where everyone works in harmony with a combined sense of purpose. Responsibilities are crystal clear and everyone knows what's expected of them. To maximise your potential in this kind of culture, you'll need a particular set of qualities:

What qualities do we expect to find in future employees?

At Decathlon, more than anything, we recruit personalities who will flourish within our company culture.

We attach particular importance to our employees' positive ambition and want them to play an active role in their own careers. We're looking for people who want to learn, improve, push their limits and take on responsibilities. Our profound belief is that your determination and passion for sport are essential to your success.

Our managers maintain variety in their teams by recruiting different profiles from diverse horizons and educational backgrounds.

Joining Decathlon means joining a company with 63,000 employees present in more than 30 countries.

So, if you too want to combine your passion for sport with a rich and fulfilling career, then join us!

View the Decathlon Graduate Opportunities: