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Not every kid gets a fair start in life:

A. So what?
B. So let's fix it.

Teach First Training Programme

With a fair education, everything’s possible. Too often though, a child’s path through life is set by their background, not their potential to succeed. That can’t be fair. We’re determined to break this cycle of injustice, and we need your help.

On our two-year Training Programme, we’ll pay you a salary as you qualify to teach through a fully-funded Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Leadership (PGDE). We trust you with real responsibility from day one.

We also offer a number of undergraduate opportunities – including internships and taster experiences – so you can find out what the Training Programme is really all about.

With your talents and ambition, you have many career options ahead of you. But few are more meaningful than teaching. You’ll develop skills all employers are looking for, make lifelong friends and connections and help build a fair education for all.

Right now, there are children in this country who won’t get the education they deserve. It's not okay and it's not fair. Teach First are fighting to make the education system work for every child. Developing teachers and leaders determined to make a difference in the schools where they're needed the most.
Teach First's Training Programme is the largest teacher training and leadership programme in the UK. It offers graduates a salary while they train and opens the door to a world of career possibilities. Over two years, they’ll qualify as teachers, gain a fully funded Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Leadership (PGDE) and develop an array of transferable leadership skills. 
From their first day in the classroom, trainees make an instant impact on the lives of young people, in a role where no two days are the same. With support from Teach First, trainees are seven times more likely to progress into leadership roles early in their careers. And the charity's influential network links them to a range of organisations, with many of them offering trainees extra opportunities to hone their leadership skills through coaching and summer projects. 
The challenge is real, but so is the chance to create lasting change. This is the most important generation of teachers and leaders, joining Teach First to fight for a fairer future.

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