We live in a world where everyone and everything is becoming more connected. It is creating new opportunities and new threats. From using sensors to help farmers grow better crops to designing augmented reality software with field engineers, our approach is to work in partnership with our customers - with our Graduates and Industrial Placements at the heart of our work.

Bringing together people, information and infrastructure to create real value from ICT.

Being an ICT company you may think that we only offer roles in this discipline, but along with our Software and Solution Developers, IT Systems and Consultancy Graduate and Placement roles we also offer role opportunities in areas such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Commercial, Procurement, Business Management, Project Management and Sales!

We respect people regardless of their background, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. We aim to create an environment where everyone can be themselves and feel able to contribute for the success of the Company. If you are talented, enthusiastic, and keen to make a difference - you can succeed in our organisation