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Following a successful graduate recruitment exercise the GRB team were mobilised once again due to a last minute increase in headcount for a FTSE250 healthcare firm. Eleven top graduates were urgently required in a short time frame. Here's how GRB met this challenge over 10 weeks (instead of 10 months that many recruiters approach this scale of recruitment.)

What was your business challenge/need at the time that required a new hire?
We had a talent shortfall. We needed to recruit eleven recent graduates with a 2:1 in a Science or Engineering related degree from a top 10 UK University. Successful applicants would join a two year rotational graduate management scheme joining the firm in the Midlands, M4 Corridor and the North West on 22nd September. 

Why were you looking for a graduate?
We needed educated people who also had a strong skill set including:
Strong leadership potential through extra-curricular activity, positions of responsibility and work experience
Excellent communication skills
- Analytical, inquisitive, problem solving individuals who are willing to challenge using innovative thinking
Flexible and adaptable

To fit in with the company culture candidates needed a personality that demonstrated energy, enthusiasm, initiative and resourcefulness. It was desirable that they had fluency in a European language, particularly Italian, and a driving licence.

Why did you decide on GRB against other options?
GRB had helped us recruit before on a contingency basis and we knew we could outsource more to them when we needed to.

"We had ten weeks to recruit eleven graduates and GRB delivered."

How did you find the recruitment process?
Once the full brief was taken, three GRB resourcers immediately began carefully searching the GRB talent pool and identified 48 graduates. After telescreening by four GRB consultants we were able to assess 39 candidates over five Assessment Days between 30th July to 6th August. 

How did you find the service?
Fantastic. GRB handled all the administration, preparation of candidates and communication throughout the process.

What has been the outcome and how has the graduate made a difference?
Following the Assessment Days eleven graduates received job offers on 10th September. We were aware candidates were having interviews with other firms so GRB had a reserve pool of talent. We contacted all eleven candidates and had seven immediate acceptances. The remaining four informed us they had other offers and decided to decline. This presented no problem to the team who turned to the reserve talent pool and in the next seven days arranged interviews, managed communication between both parties and succeed in securing four job offers guaranteeing we met our original objective of eleven starters on September 22nd.

Why Use GRB Recruitment

Why Use GRB?

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Markets We Recruit For

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