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"GRB are now always my first port of call for top quality graduates. Having wasted a lot of time going through numerous CVs of medium to poor calibre candidates (and associated the interviews) from other recruiters, it is very refreshing to have so many good choices that we actually end up raise our recruiting standard to help us choose who to interview! One thing that particularly impressed me was when I turned down a candidate based on their CV (due to what I saw as better choices), our recruiter, Gen, challenged my decision (she's only done this once). She convinced me to give the candidate an interview based on her interactions with them and knowing our needs - i.e. GRB actually do consultancy not just mindless candidate sourcing."

-Solutions Lead Architect

Why Use GRB Recruitment

Why Use GRB?

What is your recruitment challenge? Chances are we have done something similar before so you are in good hands.

Markets GRB Recruit For

Markets We Recruit For

We have a large team of fully trained consultants based in our Brighton and London offices who manage recruitment projects for various market sectors.

GRB Student and Graduate Marketing

Student and Graduate Marketing

There are endless channels to reach this market, and through pure experience, we know the most effective.

GRB Talent Pool Data

GRB Talent Pool Data

We pride ourselves on our data, benchmarking it against HESA stats to give us confident marketing insight.

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