1. Passport:  Check that your passport is valid for at least 6 months prior to your departure date. Make copies of your passport and keep them safe.
  2. Visa: Make sure you have obtained a visa before flying to Australia. 
  3. Proof of Vaccination:    
    1. You do not need to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to travel to and from Australia.
    2. Travellers continue to be encouraged to consider wearing a mask to reduce their personal risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 although wearing masks on international flights to Australia is not mandatory. Please remember that airlines and other countries may have specific requirements, it is your responsibility to check that you comply.
    3. Unvaccinated visa holders do not​ need a travel exemption to travel to Australia.
    4. Be prepared for your plans to change as new rules could be brought in at short notice - check with your airline for any changes.
  4. Flights:  Book your flights and ensure that you communicate your itinerary to your GRB Education Counsellor. DO NOT make any travel arrangements before you are granted a student visa.
  5. Arrival Requirements:  Be prepared to meet the requirements for arrival at your destination.
  6. Travel Insurance: In addition to your OSHC, consider getting travel insurance (in case of cancelled flights or medical costs), make sure your transit destinations are included in your insurance.
  7. Contact Details:  Carry a list of your emergency contacts.
  8. Money:  Have some cash with you and credit/debit cards for unexpected expenses.
  9. Accommodation:  Make sure you have booked your accommodation before your arrival.

Upon Arrival

  1. You will need to complete an Incoming Passenger Card and have all your documents ready at the border.
  2. Inform the university: you must inform the university of your address within 7 days (visa condition 8533)