Nutrition and Dietetics aims to advance the science of human nutrition and the professional practice of nutrition and dietetics. It welcomes original research and systematic reviews across the diversity of dietetic practice, including medical nutrition therapy, community and public health nutrition, food and nutrition service management, dietetic education as well as new and emerging areas of practice.

Top Courses

Flinders University

Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

This program aims to prepare students for professional practice as nutritionists or dietitians. Graduates will be able to work across a variety of settings to integrate and apply advanced theoretical knowledge, skills and attributes to promoting health, and preventing and treating diet-related illnesses. Graduates will be able to use scientific principles and critical thinking skills to consider the wider environment affecting food supply and eating behaviours and to evaluate new developments in this rapidly evolving area.

CRICOS Course Code: 002655M

La Trobe University

Master of Dietetic Practice

New research is deepening our knowledge of nutrition, and the role that diet and gut health play in regulating mood, aiding mental health and improving lives. With these advancements in understanding, the healthcare industry needs qualified dietitians who can provide care and guidance in clinical and professional environments. If you are passionate about healthy eating and well-being and want to promote a better understanding of the benefits of nutrition in diverse communities and settings, La Trobe's Master of Dietetics has been established to reflect the emerging needs of this changing profession.

CRICOS Course Code: 071313F

Monash University

Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

This course will enable you to pursue your dream of becoming a dietitian, with the opportunity to become accredited by Dietitians Australia. On-campus studies are combined with supervised professional practice placement providing opportunities for you to gain knowledge and skills in clinical practice; an understanding of population health food service, community nutrition and public health nutrition and management experience.

CRICOS Course Code: 110244J

Swinburne University of Technology

Master of Dietetics

You will develop skills in both traditional and emerging areas of dietetic practice, learning to work with a range of evolving food and health management strategies. Units cover a range of innovative topics including entrepreneurship, leadership and business, sports nutrition, and pediatric nutrition. The course includes face-to-face lectures and tutorials, seminars, theoretical and practical coursework, kitchen workshops, online learning, and professional placement.

CRICOS Course Code: 0100999

University of Wollongong

Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

This course is designed to meet the core fields of competency, including the key areas of professional practice, improving nutrition outcomes for individuals, groups and communities, critical thinking and evidence-based practice and collaboration with stakeholders. These skills can then be applied to all areas of practice including clinical dietetics in hospitals and private practice, community and public health nutrition, food service systems management, and research.

CRICOS Course Code: 007054G