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Australian National University

The Australian National University is ranked as the 4th best Australian school for Accounting and Finance courses by QS Top Universities Rankings 2022 and the best university in Australia by the QS Top Universities Rankings 2022. 

The ANU College of Business and Economics is renowned for its exceptional staff and facilities, which both make up one of the world’s best research-intensive universities. 

All 12 Actuarial teaching staff are experienced professionals who have achieved research publications, grants, and career milestones.

Master of Actuarial Practice

This is the esteemed degree that will make you a thought leader in the financial field. With an ANU Master of Actuarial Practice degree, you will excel in your career literally anywhere in the world. Risk is all around us - in investment markets, on the roads, from our health and the climate. This degree will teach you how to apply your mathematical talent in understanding, measuring and managing risks.

CRICOS Code: 79658E

Bond University

Master of Actuarial Practice

Accredited by the Actuaries Institute, Bond’s Master of Actuarial Practice will not only prepare you for a job that is in high demand, but also develop a diverse skill set in mathematics, programming, finance, and data science that can be transferred across numerous industries and disciplines. 

CRICOS Course Code: 083211B

Griffith University

Master of Financial Technology

One of very few specialised FinTech courses - designed for students either with or without a background in IT or Finance, to enter a rapidly growing FinTech industry, which includes big data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, programming and cybersecurity, while at the same time understanding how financial markets function.

CRICOS Course Code: 103302G

Macquarie University

Macquarie University is ranked 8th in the top Australian schools for Accounting and Finance courses by QS Top Universities Rankings 2022 and 83rd in the QS Top Global Universities Rankings for Accounting and Finance in 2022. It also ranks 12th in Top University in Australia by the QS Top Universities Rankings. The Macquarie Business School was founded in 2018 with six departments including Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics. Macquarie University is the first university accredited with a professional actuarial body in the world and has provided actuarial education for over 50 years.

Master of Banking and Finance (Dual Degree with East China Normal University)

Students will develop their knowledge and skills in the core areas of financial principles, analysis and modelling, econometrics and statistics. And you’ll have the opportunity to undertake electives in areas such as fintech, environmental finance, capital markets and business valuation.

CRICOS Code: 090880F

Master of Actuarial Practice

Macquarie University is ranked 1st in Australia for actuarial science

In the professionally accredited Master of Actuarial Practice, you’ll learn how to apply mathematical, statistical, economic and financial analysis to a range of practical problems in long-term risk management, finance and insurance.

CRICOS Course Code: 083775K

Monash University

Monash University is ranked as the 3rd best Australian school for Accounting and Finance courses by QS Top Universities Rankings 2022. Monash is ranked the 6th best university in Australia by the QS Top Global University Rankings 2022 and 34th in the QS Top Universities Global Rankings for Accounting and Finance in 2022.

The Monash Business School started with a faculty for the Bachelor of Economics and has since grown to a School with more than 16,000 students.  

The Monash Business School offers various state-of-the-art teaching facilities such as the Monash Laboratory for Experimental Economics and the Monash Business Behavioural Laboratory.  

Master of Actuarial Studies

Develop advanced expertise in statistics, econometrics and mathematics with the industry-accredited Master of Actuarial Studies. In the Master of Actuarial Studies, you will develop your proficiency in advanced analytical and mathematical systems, and learn to apply your knowledge in the complex worlds of economics, econometrics, business modelling and finance.

CRICOS Code: 082326K

Master of Banking and Finance (Expert Master’s Degree)

This course will help students to break into the banking or finance industry, even if they are new to it.

CRICOS Code: 079580M

Swinburne University of Technology

Master of Financial Technologies (Advanced)

There is a significant shortage of skilled financial sector professionals with a strong understanding of technologies such as blockchain, automated platforms, AI and issues such as cybersecurity and fraud detection. This course is co-designed and co-delivered with Swinburne’s industry partners – Bendigo Bank, IBM and Tableau – to address these skill shortages and to ensure students' learning experience is practical and current.

CRICOS Code 097023B

The University of Western Australia

Master of Applied Finance

    CFA accredited - Covering a wide range of applied finance topics, this specialised master’s course leads to careers in corporate banking and finance, stock market trading, insurance, investment management and other areas of applied finance.

    • In the top 100 universities globally
    • One of the prestigious Group of 8 (Go8) universities (similar to Russell Group)
    • Ranked 23 best in the world (QS) for accounting and finance

    CRICOS Course Code: 083270B

    University of Wollongong

    Master of Applied Finance (Investing and Financial Services)

    The Master of Applied Finance with a double specialisation in Investing and Financial Services is for students who are interested in focusing on investment, portfolio management and financial services. The degree will allow you to integrate technical, theoretical and industry knowledge on the operation and organisation of – and participation in – local and international finance.

    CRICOS Code 087684C

    Top Occupations


    Max entry-level salary (£ x1,000)

    High demand in Australia*

    Very high demand in Australia**

    Very high demand in the UK

    Actuarial analyst











    Corporate investment banker



    Data analyst



    Insurance underwriter



    Operational investment banker



    Retail banker



    Risk manager




    25 plus commission


    * Likely to qualify for a Skilled Independent or Temporary Graduate visa in Australia.
    ** Likely to be fast-tracked for visas in Australia.

      Top Employers

      • Banking institutions, including high street banks and investment banks
      • Financial planning and -management firms
      • Insurance companies, particularly for actuaries

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