Need help while in Australia?

Every Australian University offers a wide range of support services aimed to help international students.  There will be a dedicated team of international officers and advisers ready to provide you with personalised support so that can you can truly make the most of your time studying and living abroad. Before you leave you will be provided with a pre-departure briefing with all the information that you need to begin your new life as an Australian student with confidence.

There will be times when you will feel disoriented and overwhelmed, it is completely normal. Before your departure, find out what is available on the university website for international students.  Every university runs orientation days for international students before your course begins, which are compulsory to attend, in which students are provided with all the contact details for any support that they might need. Once you are in Australia, make sure that you visit the International Office at the university where you will be able to access services such as orientation programs, mental health and well-being counselling as well as employment, banking and accommodation advice.

All universities in Australia have student associations where you can make new friends by joining a club or a society, attending an event or even doing some volunteering. Student Life Calendars are packed with events to help you to feel involved and prevent you from feeling isolated.

Universities offer services for students who require assistance with their studies because of a disability or chronic medical condition, so if you have specific needs, please make sure that you contact your university in advance to make the arrangements that you need.

Whether you have a big question or just a quick query, make sure that you reach out to your university's international office and you will get the support that you need.