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Bond University

Doctor of Physiotherapy

Bond University’s innovative approach to physiotherapy education ensures you are work-ready, competent, and confident to practice in a wide range of settings including hospitals, community clinics and private practices. 

Bond’s Doctor of Physiotherapy program is renowned for its unique blend of problem-based scientific learning, practical application, and more clinical hours than any other physiotherapy degree in Australia.

Allows applications from May semester students. 

CRICOS Course Code: 075478G

Flinders University

Master of Clinical Rehabilitation 

This degree is designed to provide students from any health professional background the opportunity to deepen their advanced skills and theoretical knowledge base in a variety of areas of clinical rehabilitation practice, apply these new skills in a range of clinical settings, and contribute to the current and future body of knowledge in clinical rehabilitation.

CRICOS Course Code: 0101988

Master of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists work in a variety of settings across both public health and private practice. They remain in demand across the health sector and this outlook is projected to continue. Physiotherapists can also work in managerial and research positions, and opportunities exist to become self-employed in private practice or to work part-time.  The course is accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Council and satisfies the academic requirements for registration as a physiotherapist with the Physiotherapist Board of Australia.

CRICOS Course Code: 079421D

La Trobe University

Master of Physiotherapy Practice

Physiotherapists assess and treat patients with temporary or long-term physical injuries, movement disorders or disabilities, aiming to achieve the highest possible degree of recovery, activity, participation and quality of life. Physiotherapists are active in the prevention of illness and injury and the promotion of health. They can also be involved in clinical research, movement rehabilitation, ergonomics and the management of healthcare organisations. The Master of Physiotherapy Practice is accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Council. Graduates of the Master of Physiotherapy Practice may be eligible to apply for registration with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.

CRICOS Course Code: 062798K

Macquarie University

Master of Speech and Language Pathology

Speech pathologists work with people who have communication and swallowing disabilities. They particularly focus on helping children aged 0-5 who have developmental speech and language difficulties; providing specialist support to school-aged children and adolescents with language, learning and reading difficulties; implementing rehabilitation programs for adults with a brain injury; supporting those with complex medical, developmental and acquired conditions, such as autism, cleft palate and dementia, with communication and swallowing; and working with a variety of professionals in optimising their vocal skills. The Master of Speech and Language Pathology will prepare you for a rewarding career in speech pathology in which you’ll have opportunities to implement tailored services with individuals who have developmental and acquired communication and swallowing disabilities, and effect potentially life-changing outcomes.

CRICOS Course Code: 037303B

Master of Clinical Audiology

Australia's first university-led teaching hospital on a university campus

Communication is a vital aspect of what it means to be human, and hearing is critical to communicating effectively. Audiologists, experts in the non-medical management of hearing disorders, play a key role in assisting those with hearing impairments to successfully engage with society. This course will help you develop your skills in assessment strategies, rehabilitation and habilitation of the hearing impaired, as well as provide you with training in research design.

CRICOS Course Code: 027373D

University of Tasmania

Master of Physiotherapy

This course will give you the qualifications and skills you need to become a practising physiotherapist. Developed in collaboration with health professionals, industry leaders and professional bodies, this course will equip you with the future-facing capabilities required to adapt and respond to rapidly occurring changes in health, and the health system. You will participate in community-based projects and authentic experiential learning activities to develop and apply lean and system thinking skills to learn how to respond to complex healthcare problems. These are distinct areas of professional development that will build your capacity for work readiness, ensuring client-centred, quality and safe health care across diverse service delivery settings experienced in regional, rural and metropolitan landscapes.

CRICOS Course Code: 106189A

University of Western Australia

UWA is ranked 26th in the world for Anatomy and Physiology courses (QS 2021).

Master of Hearing Sciences

The Master of Hearing Sciences will provide students with the foundations of audiological practice through lectures, tutorials and practical classes supplemented by simulation exercises (computer and tutorial) and workplace observational opportunities.

CRICOS Course Code: 0101137

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Max entry-level salary (£ x1,000)

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Very high demand in the UK

Occupational therapist 








Sports therapist



* Likely to qualify for a Skilled Independent or Temporary Graduate visa in Australia.
** Likely to be fast-tracked for visas in Australia.

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