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Bond University

Master of Business (Professional)

Bond’s Master of Accounting is a specialised program, designed to provide an opportunity for students with undergraduate training in other fields to gain a professional accounting qualification.   The professional program follows the same structure as the Master of Accounting program with an additional 20-week professional portfolio component.

CRICOS Course Code: 063520K

Master of Sport Management/Master of Project Management

The sport industry is already a major contributor to Australia’s economic growth and that will be supercharged over the next decade as new opportunities arise in sport development, facilities management, event management, sponsorships, sports communication, law, marketing and so much more. Having dual Sport Management and Project Management qualifications will help you stand out and significantly expand your career options, adding extra value to potential roles in the sport management sector. 

CRICOS Course Code: 097032A

Master of Communication/Master of Project Management

If you are interested in a career in corporate communications, public relations and organisational communication, you’ll find that the project management extension adds expertise in the planning, implementation and management of projects and programs. Similarly, students pursuing a career in project management benefit by incorporating the all-important fundamental of effective communication and corporate messaging.

CRICOS Course Code: 088315J

Master of Project Management Professional 

Future-proof your career with Bond’s Master of Project Management (Professional), designed to equip you with comprehensive business-ready knowledge and skills required to launch a career, specialise or excel in the field of project management. Specifically crafted for international students, this experientially oriented program will enhance your knowledge across an array of areas including sustainable practices, business strategy, change management and measurable performance.

CRICOS Course Code: 078182M

Flinders University

Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management)

The Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management) builds foundational leadership, management, and business skills combined with core people management skills in areas like unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, project management fundamentals and more.

The MBA (HRM) is designed for the future, with sustainability built in. This means you will learn how to apply artificial intelligence and understand its impact on the future of job design. This MBA course has industry engagement embedded, with a total of up to 36 weeks of experience available through Work Integrated Learning and industry programs.

CRICOS Course Code: 107691A

Griffith University

Master of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations/Master of International Business Double Degree

Within the Master of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations component, you will study core areas of human resource management including strategy, international and comparative human resource management, recruitment and selection, and performance and reward management. 

The master's will enhance your business competencies in an international context with a focus on Asia. Your studies will enable you to critically examine the social, cultural and political dimensions of global business and how to successfully implement sustainable business practices within this dynamic trade environment. With a strong emphasis on strategic analysis in different regional contexts, you will develop the thought leadership and modern business skills that are vital in today's global economy.

CRICOS Course Code: 103742E

Master of Business

The Master of Business is a program designed for professionals aspiring to make the move to management roles, for current managers seeking formal qualifications and for those looking to move careers. This degree is designed to help you master essential business concepts and provide you with the frameworks and creative problem-solving skills to enable you to operate effectively in the dynamic, global business economy.


Master of Global Development

In a world where change is the only constant, the Master of Global Development will give you a deep understanding of policy, politics, people and power in the modern world. If you are looking to develop your thought leadership skills and identify new, creative solutions that will improve the world around you, then the Master of Global Development is the right fit for you.

This degree was developed to align with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, created to address the world's most pressing challenges - including ending poverty and bringing economic prosperity, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and peace and good governance to all countries and all people by 2030. During the course, you will investigate; 

  • Climate Change and Disaster Management
  • Development Economics
  • Health and Development
  • Human Rights and Development
  • Law Politics and Planning
  • Sustainable Development

CRICOS Course Code: 097102C

Master of Financial Technology

One of the world’s few courses devoted especially to FinTech, this cmaster's offers a qualification that provides advanced studies in modern technology with knowledge of the global financial market. The finance industry is becoming more information and data-driven. Businesses have greatly benefited from using advanced data analytics to improve their financial position.

The program is designed for students, either with or without a background in IT or Finance, to enter a rapidly growing FinTech industry, which includes big data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, programming and cybersecurity, while at the same time understanding how financial markets function.

Students will be learning advanced Excel skills combined with the Python programming language, R Studio and Tableau to evaluate a large amount of financial data and assess different investment decisions across various market conditions.

CRICOS Course Code: 103302G

James Cook University

Master of Public Health/Master of Business Administration

The public health component of the MPH-MBA has a strong focus on the prevention of disease and improving health and well-being in tropical contexts. This component of the degree includes five core subjects: Tropical Public Health; Public Health Management, Leadership, Planning and Policy; Epidemiology for Public Health; Biostatistics for Public Health; and Communicable Disease Control. You can tailor your public health degree to suit your interests by choosing elective subjects that cover a broad range of topics such as infection prevention and control, health promotion, global health, human parasitology and medical entomology, social science in public health, travel medicine, environmental health, and public health in the workplace.

CRICOS Course Code: 040171E

Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Gain real-world experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. You’ll develop the skills to become a management-level professional with expert knowledge of business operations, administration and handling international clients. Acquire strong career planning insights and build critical enterprise skills.

CRICOS Course Code: 081132F

La Trobe University

Master of Management

Technological advances are reshaping the business world – including transforming how companies organise and coordinate their operations. Whether they’re automating previously manual tasks or embracing the potential of global business, employers are searching for a new type of leader to help their business succeed.

CRICOS Course Code: 077460B

Master of Management (Sport Management)

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the business of sport. With a focus on economics, accounting and finance, you’ll examine the business structures, culture and performance management that underpin how sport is promoted and develop skills needed to address social, environmental and business challenges facing the sports industry.

CRICOS Course Code: 080516J

Master of Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

This degree aims to provide students with the unique skills necessary to produce smart business chances and drive innovation over a wide variety of business settings. There's also scope to explore business innovation within a global context. Students will study from an academic team who bring plenty of research and hands-on expert knowledge in areas including technology innovation, sport entrepreneurship and global entrepreneurship. 

CRICOS Course Code: 077450D

Macquarie University

Master of Social Entrepreneurship

Whether you are a social entrepreneur, leading a not-for-profit organisation, managing corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability within a business entity or governmental department, this course Australia's first masters in social entrepreneurship will empower you to address complex societal and environmental needs, and lead social change in innovative ways.

CRICOS Course Code: 083808F

Monash University

Master of Global Business

Through this multi-disciplinary degree, you’ll develop advanced knowledge of contemporary business practices and global environments. The course incorporates key study areas including business strategy, diplomacy, trade policy, global trade law, sustainability and intercultural communication. 

CRICOS Course Code: 096697A

Swinburne University of Technology

Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

With the world-class Swinburne Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, you can spearhead entrepreneurial initiatives in existing organisations or start new ventures. The university's close industry partners ensure that the Swinburne Master reflects the best, contemporary business practices - entrepreneurs often need to draw on the expertise of others, so access to Swinburne’s vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem can be invaluable. 

CRICOS Course Code: 088296G

Master of Human Resource Management

The Master of Human Resource Management will equip you with the core capabilities required to lead people effectively in a rapidly changing business environment.
You’ll become adept at using HR systems and learn how to drive successful future business strategies that embrace the radical, emerging shifts in the way we work. The Master of Human Resource Management is professionally accredited by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

CRICOS Course Code: 102651E

University of Newcastle

Master of Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development

This program is delivered alongside CIFAL Newcastle, a United Nations training centre hosted at the University of Newcastle, with a focus on disaster resilience and sustainable development. The United Nations partnered with the University to develop the Master of Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development. Students in this program develop the best practice knowledge and skills needed to implement the new UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

CRICOS Course Code: 095159B

University of Western Australia

Master of Human Resources and Employment Relations

Postgraduate study in Human Resources and Employment Relations will provide you with a thorough theoretical and practical grounding in the management of people and employment in Australia and overseas, focusing on refining critical problem-solving tools to develop innovative and realistic solutions.

CRICOS Course Code: 083269F

University of Wollongong

Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop ideas into sustainable business opportunities and foster innovation in your workplace. You will learn how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, experiment with design thinking, and learn to use tools and techniques to convert your ideas into reality.

Throughout your degree, our academics will equip you with knowledge in innovative leadership, financial skills for entrepreneurs, how to navigate the complexities of innovation and entrepreneurship, business innovation planning, and creating and marketing new products. You will understand how to raise capital and gain detailed knowledge of the complexities of initiating, developing, managing and exploiting innovation.

Can combine with another Master's program to make it 2 years. 

Course Course Code:100308

Master of Business Analytics

Accredited by SAS. The Master of Business Analytics is designed to prepare you with the essential skills to undertake real-world Business Analytics tasks on big data business problems. You will develop skills and knowledge in business analytics, including how to apply tools and technologies required to perform descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics and how to apply these tools to a business landscape.

For a 2 year program, this degree can be combined with a second Master’s degree from Sydney Business School.

Course Course Code: 0100316

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Max entry-level salary (£ x1,000)

High demand in Australia*

Very high demand in Australia**

Very high demand in the UK

Actuarial analyst







Business adviser



Business analyst



Business development manager



Chartered management accountant





Corporate investment banker



Data analyst



Data scientist



Forensic accountant



Insurance underwriter



Logistics and distribution manager



Management consultant




Project manager



Risk manager




25 plus commission


Supply chain manager



* Likely to qualify for a Skilled Independent or Temporary Graduate visa in Australia.
** Likely to be fast-tracked for visas in Australia.

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  • Public sector organisations

  • Charities and volunteer organisations

  • Business consultancies, including private practice

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