• Australia is well known as being home to some of the world’s top universities and high-quality academic programmes. Australian qualifications are highly recognised by companies and employers both in the U.K. and all across the world.  Studying in Australia enhances students’ employability in a global job market that is increasingly dynamic and competitive.
  • Besides boosting your resume and increasing your attractiveness to future employers, your decision to study abroad will tell future employers that you are brave and that you have a global perspective.
  • One of the biggest benefits of living abroad is that your self-confidence will increase as well. Navigating a different culture, making new friends, and managing a budget abroad are all skills that will help you clarify your life goals.
  • Australia has gained a name in quickly adopting new technologies compared to most countries. Students studying in Australia can make good use of the impressive resources, infrastructures, and technology available. 
  • Australian universities offer a diverse mix of students and a vibrant environment so that students from all over the world feel welcome. The country is currently home to around 700,000 foreign students. Universities also offer inclusive support facilities to international students and have programmes, facilities and activities specifically meant to help international students to settle in. Australia is also considered to be one of the best places to "master" a subject. 

Studying abroad is not for everyone; prospective students are encouraged to gather all the relevant information and do their research. Besides eligibility and financial capacity, evaluate priorities and consider all aspects that come with moving abroad for a master's degree. For more information see our application process and FAQs pages.