Connor. Scriptwriting Graduate. University of Bournemouth.

1. Tell me how your career journey has gone since you graduated
It has been a complete journey filled with ups and downs but it landed me in a job that I wholeheartedly enjoy and would've had no idea about if I myself was not in it. I originally went to China to teach English for a year once I graduated as a kind of refresher/gap year. I wanted to see what life was like outside of studying and a career and I had the time of my life travelling and meeting new people, but it also made me excited to go back home and find a job I was passionate about. I then flitted around between PR and freelance writing, until I found this copywriting job now.

2. What was your motivation for choosing this career?
Well I obviously love film and TV, having studied it at university, and this is the perfect job that encapsulates so much of what I enjoy. I get to watch movies and TV shows and then write about them and assist in their marketing as well. It's kind of the best of both worlds.

3. In the beginning did you use your degree knowledge and skillset you got from uni?
I can't lie - at first no. I wondered well what would I use these skills for. But then when I applied for the company I'm in now, it was a completely different job. But they saw my experience at BU and my degree and offered me a copywriting role, which was a magical fit as I now write scripts for part of my job and so much of what I learnt at uni in terms of structure and dialogue comes in handy.
4. What new skills have you developed?
I'd say confidence. Which is something you can only gain with experience. Also being more succinct, and saying more with less.
5. At this stage are you where you’d hope to be in that time frame?
I'm nowhere where I thought I'd be - in the best way possible. I'm just taking it every day at a time, I have no idea where I'll be tomorrow or in a month from now, but I like it that way.
6. Did you have a career plan?
Absolutely not

7. How did you make it happen?
I didn't. Everything has been pure luck I'd say.

8. Who did you take advice from?
This sounds cliché but my mum. She's the best advice giver. Also, Taylor Swift. She's a modern philosopher.
9. What advice would you give a fresh graduate?

You don't have to know anything, and that's completely fine. Try everything. It's easier to find out what you don't want to do by just doing things. The more doors you close, the more doors you'll find open along the way. You'll never run out of doors.

10. Any challenges during the transition from uni to work?
Less drinking on week nights. 

11. Advice for first week and few months of a new job? (office etiquette, politics, etc)
Just make one friend. You don't have to be the star of the office. But one person can turn things around for you. And don't be afraid to discuss things with your coworkers whether that be any gripes or even salary. The more you talk the more you know. Questions are natural and no question is too stupid.

12. Anything you would do differently if you could start over?
Absolutely not. I love the experiences I've had before and like I said - I know what I don't want to do from doing it already. Even if I'm always unsure of what I DO want to do.
13. One final top tip?
Don't take anything seriously. Nobody is 100% sure of what they're doing. Adults aren't grown up at all.