User GRB Testimonial

Name: Mat
Degree: Electrical Engineering
University: University of York
New Job Title: Technical Web Anaylst

"A great experience from start to finish. I was vetted for my suitability for the role before I was passed through to the employer for their 3 stage interview process. Throughout this process Sara was incredibly supportive both over the phone and via email and also had access to some really great interview preparation materials that were very comprehensive and really helped with the process."

Josh Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Josh
Degree: Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology
University: University of Cambridge
New Job Title: Graduate Release Co-ordinator

"The Graduate recruitment Bureau have been tremendously helpful particularly two of their staff: Rebecca Johnson and Chelsea Ramsay. I was personally emailed about a specific role by Chelsea, one which was tailored towards my education, experience and personality and I was able to apply for that company with advice given and helpful feedback on my CV before speaking with Rebecca who took my application to a whole new level.
Via her wisdom and guidance through preparation, knowledge of previous application processes, overall grasp of 'taking that next big career step' and instilling confidence in my credentials, I was able to not only be invited to an assessment day, but was successful in being offered the opportunity to join a fantastic company, who allowed me to start on my preferred terms with an enhanced offer. This was something I would not have even imagined achievable before the GRB stepped in and helped me out.
If you're looking at your first graduate job or for a change of career and entry route at this level in a new industry, I would throughly recommend you chat to the GRB and look at their vacancies."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Joel
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: University of Birmingham
New Job Title: Graduate Mechanical Engineer

"Look no further to secure your dream graduate job...The support and guidance that the GRB have offered me throughout the recruitment process has been phenomenal, and this has led to me securing a dream job at a great business. The suggested vacancies were well tailored to my interests and skills - some opportunities in which I would not have realised by myself! I would especially like to thank Rebecca Johnson and the team for their professionalism, friendliness and support. Don't hesitate, get in touch with the GRB to help secure your future job!"

Peter Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Peter
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: University of Newcastle
New Job Title: Graduate Mechanical Engineer

"Getting the dream job after an onslaught of rejection from engineering companies. I thought all would be lost but that was until I found the Graduate Recruitment Bureau! Couldn't have hoped to get my dream job straight out of university but the GRB team helped me every step of the way!I can't thank them enough for their enormous effort and great advice! I wouldn't have even imagined getting my dream job straight after university but GRB have helped me achieve this! Rebecca and Chelsey in particularly were so helpful by understanding what I wanted, along with my strengths and then matched that with the best opportunities for me! Through the process, they provided me with a great way of succeeding in assessment centres and were always there if I needed any questions. I simply cannot thank them enough and wish them luck in providing other graduates with their dream jobs!"

Lars Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Lars
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: University of Surrey
New Job Title: Graduate Release Co-ordinator

"GRB helped me through the stages of the recruitment for a role that fits my background and interests. I was frequently in touch with Rebecca Johnson to hear feedback on my progress, get inside tips on the next stages of the interview process, and also answer any questions I had. She was very knowledgeable about the company and the people that worked there, with past experience placing candidates successfully - I'm happy to be included as part of that growing roster! Many thanks to the GRB team and know that your work doesn't go unappreciated. All the best!"

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Michael
Degree: Electronic and Electrical Engineering
University: University of Loughborough
New Job Title: Graduate Technology Scheme

"GRB are fantastic, special thanks to Hester, Alecs, Tim and Charlie. The team contacted me on several occasions with opportunities tailored to suit my preference of area of work (engineering/technology). They were always very supportive and responded quickly to any questions or queries I had about the role or company. Their client base is huge and they put a lot of effort to help graduates find a good company to work for. I would recommend them to any undergrad or graduate looking for a not just a job but a career."

Joshua Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Joshua
Degree: Civil Engineering
University: University of Liverpool John Moores
New Job Title: Graduate Civil Engineer

"GRB is an excellent recruitment agency unlike any of the rest! I personally dealt with Marnie, which was always extremely supportive and helpful throughout the entire application process. Nothing was too much for her to do. Clearly has the clients best interests at mind! Thank you for everything! Will definitely be recommending."

Nicolas Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Nikolas
Degree: Civil Engineering
University: University of Brighton
New Job Title: Graduate Design Engineer

"Excellent service. Very helpful and kind all the people that I have talked with."

Franklin Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Franklin
Degree: Civil And Environmental Engineering
University: University of Cardiff
New Job Title: Graduate Civil Engineer

"Every graduate fears the day they have to "join the real world". I never thought I would be leaving university to go straight into my ideal job, but GRB made the whole process stress free and easy. Marnie was wonderful throughout the whole process. She was always delightful to talk to, and helped with tailoring my CV to briefing me before each interview and answering any questions . I appreciated how I was always kept up to date and all communication was done over the phone. They don't just look at your CV but try and understand you as a person. GRB is funded by the employers, defying the common conception that all recruitment agencies take a % of your salary. The service is free and the people are wonderful, I have no regrets and would highly recommend it! I can now focus on finishing university and enjoy the summer stress free. It's a relief knowing you don't have to move back in with your parents! Thank you Marnie and GRB!"

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Reuben
Degree: Mechanical Engineering with Financial Management
University: University of Strathclyde
New Job Title: Graduate Release Coordinator

"Signed up to GRB and received a few emails about relevant jobs. After showing my interest and applying for one job through email, I got a call 20 minutes later and they talked me through the job. This helped me improve my application and ultimately i got through the different stages of assessment with their help. If I hadn't have signed up i wouldn't have seen the job."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Alden
Degree: Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
University: University of Southampton
New Job Title: Graduate Design and Manufacturing Engineer

"The GRB have been fantastic and more than helpful throughout my job hunt. They called me with great jobs and arranged prompt interviews. I ended up accepting an offer for a job which I found through the GRB and have thoroughly enjoyed so far. Many thanks to the GRB and I would highly recommend them."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Robert
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: University of Exeter
New Job Title: Graduate Development Engineer

"I found the entire team at GRB particularly helpful and very personable, though I mainly dealt with Rebecca, who was spectacular. She showed a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication in handling my case, particularly through the amount of time that she took out of her day, even if it was to answer what were probably trivial questions."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Christopher
Degree: Engineering
University: University of Nottingham
New Job Title: Graduate Development Engineer

"The GRB were very supportive in helping me find a job during the last months of my PhD studies. Rebecca and Amelia were extremely helpful and, whilst very professional, were a pleasure to work with."

Evgenios Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Evgenios
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: Imperial College London
New Job Title: Graduate Analyst

"I learned about the opportunity through the mailing list of GRB. After sending my CV I was contacted within two days. I was impressed by the detailed description of the job that the GRB Resourcer, Charlie McKenna, provided with. Thanks to that I immediately had a really good idea of the operations and the culture of the company. All of my questions were answered and felt that I was having a friendly chat, making me confident that my recruiter would support my application.
I went through an assessment day with the company followed by a final interview, after which I would always had a review with Charlie over the phone. This was without doubt my best experience with a recruiter and at the end of the day I feel it contributed to me landing my first graduate job. I would definitely recommend GRB and especially Charlie McKenna."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Sam
Degree: Engineering
University: Durham University
New Job Title: Graduate Non-Destructive Test Engineer

"I found everything great! I found your website was really easy to use and you did a great job in picking jobs that I was interested in. Rebecca was a pleasure to talk to and very helpful; she was always quick to pass on any queries and respond with the answers quickly. I felt it was all very professional and well done."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Ashley
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: Lancaster University
New Job Title: Graduate Engineering Scheme


"I just wanted to thank Rebecca Johnson for her part in helping me to secure an engineering graduate scheme. Throughout the process, it seemed like Rebecca had my best interests at heart and offered a lot of very useful information on what to expect at the various processes and how best to impress the employers. Rebecca has been both informative and easy to talk to and it is clear to me that anybody who is assigned to her is very fortunate. Having been offered two positions through Rebecca, I am hoping to sign a contract for a position shortly."

Robert Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Robert
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: University of Exeter
New Job Title: Graduate Development Engineer

"I found the entire team at GRB particularly helpful and very personable, though I mainly dealt with Rebecca, who was spectacular. She showed a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication in handling my case, particularly through the amount of time that she took out of her day, even if it was to answer what were probably trivial questions. I can whole-heartedly say that I would recommend them and wish them all the best."

Cameron Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Cameron
Degree: Engineering
University: Durham University
New Job Title: Graduate Commercial Scheme

"Rebecca at the GRB was friendly, helpful and attentive during my Engineering graduate job search. I first approached the GRB with a specific job application in mind but, after speaking with Rebecca about my interests, ended up applying to a role I would have never heard of otherwise. It was in an area I had not considered but was well suited to and the GRB recognised this due to their experience and expertise. I was helped with adjusting my CV for the role, received interview tips tailored to the company and was offered support at every stage. I was successful in interview and assessment centre and ended up taking the role and am very happy on the graduate scheme. I was also sent a congratulations card and gift from the GRB! The GRB are a great place to start your job search and will do everything they can to help you find, prepare for and get your ideal graduate job."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Sami
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: King's College London
New Job Title: Graduate Service Manager

"The service provided by the GRB team from the moment I sent my CV off to the moment I received my offer can only be described as first class. After initially sending my CV off, within days I received phone calls of jobs matching my CV, one of which being Mars. Throughout my Mars application process I was adequately informed through all stages and felt extremely comfortable with the process as a consequence. I would therefore like at this point like to make a special mention to Aleks who guided me through each step and was always willing to help whenever I required it. It is due to these reasons I would recommend GRB to all graduates searching for their dream job. I would once again like to thank you all at GRB and wish you every success in you future dealing"

Vasileios Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Vasileios
Degree: Chemical Engineering
University: University of Bath
New Job Title: Graduate Manufacturing Engineer

"I struggled a lot over my final year in university to find a place in a graduate scheme. I attended numerous interviews and some assessment centres without being successful. However, when I discovered GRB things changed. My first application through the GRB resulted into an assessment centre in which I was successful and a job offer which I accepted. During the preparation process for the assessment centre, the GRB provided me with significant support and advice which contributed significantly into being successful in the end. Also, they helped me considerably after the assessment centre by sorting out all the necessary issues with my employer's HR team, such as ensuring that I get my contract on time and any remaining details, so that my transition to from student life to work is as easy and smooth as possible."

Graduate Software Tester Testimonial

Name: Aditya
Degree: Communication Engineering
University: York
New Job Title: Graduate Software Tester

"It gives me immense pleasure to be able to write something about how pleased I am with the level of service and support provided by Aleks.

From the day he contacted me initially to discuss the job opening to the day he called me to congratulate me, he was always available and very enthusiastic and prompt in answering any of my questions. He was professional, yet very friendly which really made me feel very comfortable - an essential trait which is, surprisingly, not so common with most graduate recruiters.

The way he answered my questions not only demonstrated his vast array of knowledge, it also reflected the fact that he actually believed in my abilities. This, in my opinion, is quintessential, because at times all a recent graduate needs is a little bit of support and confidence, and a gentle push!

Although, in the true sense, Aleks' job was officially done the day I started working, I still received a box a week after I started working with a congratulations card and a sweet from Aleks, which was indeed a very pleasant thing. :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Aleks and GRB for helping me secure the ideal Job I was looking for. I would gladly recommend Aleks and GRB to any graduate who is looking to find that 'PERFECT' start!!"

Charl Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Charl
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: Loughborough
New Job Title: Graduate Engineering Planner

"Firstly, I would like to thank you for GRB's help in securing me a job. I thought Chris was terrific, from helping me to improve my CV to support and feedback after the assessment centre. His contribution and input went a long way to securing the job. The service was brilliant, it identified companies that would suit me and I am over the moon with where I have ended up. I would definitely recommend GRB to any job hunter who is looking for a challenging and enjoyable career."

Paul Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Paul
Degree: Mechanical And Manufacture Engineering
University: Warwick
New Job Title: Graduate Engineer

"My experiences with the Graduate Recruitment Bureau have been brilliant! They have been very prompt and always kept me up to date with opportunities via email and phone. In fact I was first contacted about an opportunity within 2 days of registering! All the members of the team are very helpful. They always answer any questions I had and made sure that I was prepared for interviews, giving advice and tips to enable myself to do well. Even after the interviews, I was contacted to see how I got on and they try to help if I thought it didn't go as well as I thought.

I would highly recommend the GRB for any other graduates and to-be-graduates looking for jobs. They always make sure you get the best opportunity in securing a graduate job."

Thomas Engineering GRB Testimonial

Name: Thomas
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: Bristol
New Job Title: Graduate IT Development Programme

"During my job search I found out about GRB and was lucky enough to have Ian as my recruitment consultant for my application with a financial firm. During my experience with Ian, he was very professional and helpful the whole way. He came across as a consultant who really understands the industry and recruitment processes and was able to give me valuable advice through the whole recruitment process, from initial application form to final assessment centres. I would fully recommend GRB and Ian to anyone who is currently searching for a job."