Name: Luke
Degree: History 
University: University of Sussex
New Job Title: Graduate Bid Writer

"I had been searching for a job for around two months after graduating from university until I stumbled across GRB. To be honest it is a shame it took so long to find them because they were brilliant, and they helped land my first full time job! They were very professional from start to finish, unlike some recruitment agencies where you can tell you're being mucked around.

My consultant was Danielle Buckland, and like GRB, she was fantastic. She always kept me informed and it felt as though she genuinely cared, which was great and a big motivator to reach the end destination. I can't thank her enough for all the help I received and the effort she put in, she is a credit to the company!

I definitely recommend GRB to all graduates who are struggling to find a job!"

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Andrea
Degree: English Literature 
University: University of Leeds
New Job Title: Graduate Conference Producer

"Thank you to Danielle for all her help and guidance throughout my entire job searching process! Everyone I have interacted with at GRB has been so supportive, helpful and kind."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Pia
Degree: Sustainable Development
University: University of St Andrews
New Job Title: German Speaking Graduate PPC Analyst

"I applied for a digital marketing position through GRB without expecting a reply anytime soon, especially not a positive one, since I only had negative experiences with other recruitment agencies. Within a very short time, Sara Walker contacted me to talk more about the role – and after this first informal interview I knew it was the ideal job for me. Sara guided me through the whole process, was always available when I needed something and made sure that I felt confident and not just like one out of thousands of applicants. Even though I was abroad for most of the application process, Sara was extremely flexible regarding scheduling my interview slots with the company and always made sure I had a feasible amount of time to prepare myself. She pushed me to be better and helped me display my strengths. It was a pleasure to work with her and I can only recommend the GRB team to anyone looking for a job.
I cannot wait to start my career and am very grateful that you made this possible - thank you Sara and the whole team!"

Fleur Humanities GRB Testimonials

Name: Fleur
Degree: French and Italian
University: University of Reading
New Job Title: Graduate Trainee Strategy Headhunter

"GRB and Joe Herzog in particular have been absolutely amazing. Joe understood exactly what I was looking for and was able to find me my ideal company in a matter of days. He was always available, always listened and gave me great advice. He is a recruiter that can definitely be trusted and I would recommend his services to anyone!"

Phillip Humanities GRB Testimonials

Name: Philip
Degree: Classics
University: University of Oxford
New Job Title: Graduate Executive Search Consultant

"GRB and Gina Cluett in particular were incredibly helpful when I was looking for jobs as an almost-graduate - I got really good advice on career options and particular interviews, and was set up with interviews with a number of excellent potential companies. I felt well-supported throughout and would definitely recommend GRB to all in my position!"

Sam Humanities GRB Testimonials

Name: Sam
Degree: Literature and Visual Culture
University: University of Lund
New Job Title: Graduate Marketing Assistant

"GRB were a great help during the application process to my new job. It's one of the fastest turnarounds I've experienced, going from phone interview to job offer within a couple of weeks. Joe expertly guided me through the process and liaised with the company. I know where to look for my next position!"

Valeria Humanities GRB Testimonials

Name: Valeria
Degree: Language and Communication
University: University of Westminster
New Job Title: Graduate Assistant Campaign Manager - Italian Speaking

"Looking for your first graduate job is usually not so easy, but thankfully a friend told me about GRB. You understand from the first time you speak with them that they are going to find the perfect job for you!They helped me through every step of the process. A special thanks to Lewis who followed my application from the beginning. I wouldn't have got this amazing job if it weren't for him! I have always been supported and guided through all the interviews and tests. He is the best recruiter ever!So, yes I totally recommend GRB!"

Chloe Humanities GRB Testimonials

Name: Chloe
Degree: History
University: University of Bristol
New Job Title: Graduate Trainee Recruitment Consultant

"GRB are a very helpful and affable firm. I was contacted by one of their employees, Joe Herzog, about a job I might be interested in. Joe then organised my place on the firm's graduate assessment day and walked me through the entire process, contacting me regularly during the day. I'm certain that Joe's guidance and helpful tips played a big part in me securing the role. I thoroughly recommend this firm to any future graduates looking for jobs!"

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Phil
Degree: History
University: University of Birmingham
New Job Title: Graduate Junior Research Consultant

"Helped me to get my first job Helped me to get my first job, following rejections at PWC, Deloitte and several other companies. Graduate market these days is massively time consuming - especially in the third year of your degree. GRB helped do a lot of the leg work in the process, and gave me fantastic advice at every stage of the selection stages. I am now looking forward to starting in September!"

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Emma
Degree: History
University: University of St Andrews
New Job Title: Graduate Trainee Headhunter

"Really Supportive. The team at GRB was really helpful in helping me find exactly it was I wanted to do after graduation. They helped me every step on the way and kept in constant contact throughout the process."

Evie Humanities GRB Testimonials

Name: Evie
Degree: History
University: University of Cambridge
New Job Title: Graduate Startup Executive

"GRB were fantastic! Danielle was so helpful, supportive and positive throughout the process and kept me updated asap with any developments. The whole process from start to finish was really fast moving, which is exactly what you need during an application process. The best experience I have had with a recruiter by far, who really cares about placing you in a job which you will love and will be well matched to you. Thanks so much GRB!"

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Matthew
Degree: Geography
University: University of Bristol
New Job Title: Graduate Analysts - Programmatic Advertising - Summer Starts

"Seamless experience working with GRB … Seamless experience working with GRB with constant contact, support and guidance and useful pointers on what to really nail at interview. Can't thank Sara Walker enough for her brilliant support throughout the process and helping me land a great graduate job!"

Jamie Humanities GRB Testimonials

Name: Jamie
Degree: English Literature and German
University: University of Birmingham
New Job Title: Graduate Junior Software Developer

"Having gained a little bit of experience in executive search abroad, I emailed GRB about getting into recruitment or executive search in the U.K. I worked with Gina and Zoe who really helped me to understand the industry and graduate market, and within a week I had a number of interviews lined up. They really supported me after each and every one and I found their opinions and feedback very insightful. I have recently been taken a job offer with a really good company, and feel that GRB really helped me through the process which meant it went a lot smoother than it might otherwise have been.I would definitely recommend any recent graduates to get in touch! Thanks to Gina and Zoe."

Charlotte Humanities GRB Testimonials

Name: Charlotte
Degree: English Language and Literature
University: University of King's College London
New Job Title: Graduate Research Associate - Executive Search

"Gina was absolutely wonderful every single hop, skip and jump of the way. From the very first telephone call to the follow up post-job-offer she has gone above and beyond to ensure that the entire process was as stress free as possible as well as surprisingly enjoyable. Her professionalism and perceptive personal touch made the world of difference when it came to crunch time as she was on the end of emails/calls as and when re-assurance, a Q&A session, or just a quick supportive pep talk was needed. Likewise, it was very much LJ Perryman who was as responsible for today's endless cheshire-cat-smiles as she was quick to contact me, gather details, and refer me onwards. She was equally as professional, truly great, and is an absolute asset to her team, as is Gina. Moreover, the entire GRB experience was altogether immensely exciting and has proven fruitful in light of having secured gainful employment with a dream job - something that never would have been achieved without both Gina and LJ! I thoroughly recommend GRB as a means of launching you into the graduate job market and more especially Gina and LJ too as they were utterly brilliant! Thank you a million!"

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Nikita
Degree: English Language
University: University of Aston
New Job Title: Graduate Content Executive

"Help you every step of the way!"

Shalaka Humanities GRB Testimonials

Name: Shalaka
Degree: English
University: University of Durham
New Job Title: Digital Marketing Sales Graduate

"Placed within a couple of weeks! GRB were brilliant at helping me find a job. They took the time to find out where my skills and interest lay and put me forward for relevant jobs, passing me on to colleagues if they had a role that suited me. I was placed within a couple of weeks! Thanks for all the help!"

Emma Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Emma
Degree: Creative Writing
University: University of Nottingham Trent
New Job Title: Graduate Marketing Executive

"Marnie contacted me two weeks ago with a potential role that she was recruiting for after she found my CV on Reed. She kept in contact with me every step of the way, putting me forward, preparing me for the interview and was so helpful and supportive. Today I was offered the role! I would never have found this role without Marnie! Thank you so much! 100% recommend."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Tashinga
Degree: Geography and Economics
University: University of Birmingham
New Job Title: GRB Placement Year

"What was supposed to be a 12 month placement clocked in at 15 because I just didn't want to leave. Having not really known what to expect from a Marketing and Recruitment placement I went into the job very open eyed but was still surprised at how much I was learning day by day and how well GRB assisted the formation of what I hope will now be a good career. After seeing the potential in me, the directors promoted me to run the advertising desk for my remaining 6 months which was challenging and beyond all my expectations but made it much harder to leave the company and return to student life. For any ambitious students looking to get broad experience, challenge themselves and set yourself in good stead going into the graduate market, the GRB Industrial Placement is certainly for you!"

Ollie Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Ollie
Degree: Geography
University: University of Southampton
New Job Title: Graduate Sales Executive

"I experienced fantastic service from GRB - as a driven graduate my recruiter ensured I was regularly updated to any relevant job roles, and within a few weeks I found one which caught my eye. Sam S. did everything she could to prepare me for my interviews and settle the nerves! The advice she gave me specific to the company, where I now work, was so so useful in building confidence and understanding. Highly recommend GRB to anyone."

Luke Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Luke
Degree: Geography
University: University of Oxford
New Job Title: Marketing Internship

"Having worked at the GRB for two weeks as an intern I cannot stress enough how much I valued the experience. I got exactly what I set out to gain which was an insight into marketing, full time work, office based work and developing my communication skills. But, i also greatly enjoyed my time at the GRB purely because the staff were genuinely welcoming and friendly. I never at any point felt nervous or intimidated in their presence. They all took time and care to talk to me, explain their individual roles and answer any questions I had. I personally think this is a fantastic company, the attitude of the management towards their staff is truly admirable. There was a brilliant work ethic at the GRB that was only enhanced by events such as boat trips and barbecues. Anyone who is employed or placed by this company should consider themselves lucky. Thank you for everything."

Ike Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Ike
Degree:  Linguistics
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Market Research Data Processor

"After months of submitting applications and CVs to agencies and graduate schemes to no avail, the Graduate Recruitment Bureau called me up out of the blue to say that they had a role that they felt I was well suited for. After discussing this job in more detail, they helped me tailor my CV to the company and write a decent cover letter - and after getting me an interview, helped me with interview prep, sending me questions to research, and topics to discuss. As well as giving sound advice and finding me an amazing graduate job, Danielle was in touch regularly to see how I was doing, and to ensure that I was comfortable and confident. I can't imagine finding a local graduate job that made use of my skills and interests without the GRB."

Graduate Trainee Conference Producer Testimonial

Name: Alex
Degree:  History and American Studies
University: University of Warwick
New Job Title: Graduate Trainee Conference Producer

"I found the graduate recruitment bureau to be head and shoulders above the other recruitment agencies that I also signed up with in terms of the service I received. Danielle was very friendly, incredibly supportive and helpful in the interview process and was able to offer some very useful insights that impressed in the 2 interviews. I had to do a take-home task for one of the interviews and she talked this over with me and what they would be expecting. Although all of your recruitment agents are expected to deliver high rates of customer care I thought Danielle really exceeded anything I expected from a recruitment agency and I would highly recommend both her and yourselves and the best place to start a post university job hunt (even if you are not quite sure what you want to do yet as was the case with me). I've had 1 month in my job now and am really enjoying it and life in Oxford."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Luke
Degree:  History
University: University of Cambridge
New Job Title: Graduate Researcher - Executive Search

"Secured my first job after university with the GRB. They really took the time to get to know me and target the vacancies and gave lots of support throughout. Couldn't fault them. Indefatigable, friendly, probing, and professional."

Julia Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Julia
Degree:  History
University: University of Exeter
New Job Title: Graduate Executive Headhunter - Global Hedge Funds

"GRB are a fantastic recruitment company that helped me secure my dream job within the headhunting and finance sector within a month of signing up with them. I must give all the credit to Hannah Dodds, the recruitment consultant who was managing my case. As an industry specialist, she was able to offer me professional guidance and support through the often stressful recruitment process. Hannah supported me throughout the multiple rounds of interviews, communicating feedback and managing my expectations. She was always very quick to respond to my emails and phone calls, and went the extra mile to contact me outside of my previous jobs' working hours. I cannot emphasise enough how helpful it was to have Hannah supporting me through this recruitment process."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Laura
Degree:  English Literature
University: University of Sussex
New Job Title: Content Marketer

"I worked at GRB for three months and have only positive things to say about the company. Everyone is welcoming, friendly and put a lot of effort into their jobs to provide for graduates and students. I was trained well and feel my personal and professional development have exceeded beyond my expectations. I have learnt a lot about the industry and the demands that come with it. If ever I felt I needed help, it was easy to ask. The office is sociable and supportive - it simply a lovely place to work. There are certain incentives such as flexible working time to fit around my studies and bonuses rewarded for publicity generated by my work."

Phoebe Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Phoebe
Degree:  English Language & Linguistics
University: University of Birmingham
New Job Title: Marketing Internship

"After spending two weeks as a marketing intern at Graduate Recruitment Bureau, it is safe to say that it was one of the most enjoyable work experiences I have had to date. Everyone working in the office was friendly and approachable, always making conversation and allowing me to feel welcome. I was provided with worthwhile tasks and felt that my work made a positive contribution in supporting the rest of the marketing team. I was given encouragement and explanation for all the tasks that I was assigned. I was also able to develop my writing skills as i wrote some articles for GRB's blog. It helped me to identify something that i really enjoy, boosting my confidence at the same time. I was very lucky during my time at GRB in that I was invited to a CIPD recruitment exhibition in London. It was great as i gained an insight into how the team deal with clients face to face. During my time at GRB i feel that i was given an in-depth insight into how the company functions as a whole, whilst also learning about the marketing and advertising strategies that they use. I am very much looking forward to working with GRB in the future and am extremely grateful for the opportunity that they provided me with!"

Kate Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Kate
Degree:  English
University: University of Bristol
New Job Title: Marketing Internship

"Doing a 2 week internship at Graduate Recruitment Bureau was my first experience in an office – and it was great. Aside from the constant supply of excellent coffee and the tuck shop in the staff kitchen, the different tasks I was allocated allowed me to gain a great understanding of what marketing consists of. From basic admin jobs of replying to bulk emails to writing articles for the company blog, GRB ensured I acquired a great breadth of knowledge in my two weeks here. The atmosphere in the office is also excellent; the smart casual dress code and friendships between staff create an environment where even as a newbie I felt very much at ease. The marketing team may be small, but their efforts are clearly very effective, and so to gain an insight into how they do this was invaluable knowledge. For example, they showed me the importance of wording within an article – the significance of positivity and humour. They taught me the basics of how to use a database system, which stores all of their contacts, and I was even able to shadow the recruitment aspect of the company, so I could understand the exact services GRB offered. I was also given time and a little guidance to create my own LinkedIn Account, after seeing the importance of networking first-hand throughout my time at the company. Just being in this environment has taught me a lot about an industry that I may one day go into, a I have even signed up to be a GRB affiliate as a part-time job, such is my enthusiasm. I was also able to learn how they are great company, keen to ensure their clients and candidates are aware that each correspondence they have with GRB is personalised, rather than receiving the automated responses that many companies use today. They also bought me a birthday cake, which may or may not have been bribery. Either way, it definitely worked and contributed to the great experience I have had at GRB."

Kat Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Kat
Degree:  English
University: University of Nottingham
New Job Title: Graduate Proposal Writer

"My experience with GRB was excellent - I'd give them 6 stars if I could. My agent was incredibly attentive - she advised me on preparing for interviews, rang me after every stage and supported me the whole way through. I had 4 interview stages for the job, competing against around 80 candidates and Danielle supported me at every step with advice and answering my last-minute queries. She was always kind and helpful in what was a pretty stressful process. When I got the job I was absolutely thrilled - the post is my ideal job and I never would have found it without GRB. Thank you!"

Brandon Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Brandon
Degree:  English
University: Loughborough University
New Job Title: Graduate Resourcer

"The GRB has proven to be a fantastic service available to graduates who are looking to kick-start their career. After securing three separate interviews through the company, I was able to land myself with an amazing job, only half a year after graduating. Professional, attentive, and genuinely interested in your success. I highly recommend."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Titus
Degree:  History and French
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Communications Role

"GRB were fantastic. One of the few recruitment firms that are willing to help graduates with little work experience. My recruiter (Jenny) was great, keeping me updated on the progress of my application. The team were also quick to respond to any queries I had. All in all a great experience."

Harry Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Harry
Degree: Politics, Philosophy And Economics (P.P.E.)
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Forensic Accountant

"I had a great experience with the GRB. On top of guiding me through every stage of the application, Ian gave me the inside scoop about the company and the role, which not only gave me an advantage through the application process but also helped me make a much more informed decision. I certainly recommend applying for a job through the GRB and, well, the proof is in the pudding; I got the job!"

Isaac Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Isaac
Degree: Linguistics
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Market Research Data Processor

"After months of submitting applications and CVs to agencies and graduate schemes to no avail, the Graduate Recruitment Bureau called me up out of the blue to say that they had a role that they felt I was well suited for. After discussing this job in more detail, they helped me tailor my CV to the company and write a decent cover letter - and after getting me an interview, helped me with interview prep, sending me questions to research, and topics to discuss. As well as giving sound advice and finding me an amazing graduate job, Danielle was in touch regularly to see how I was doing, and to ensure that I was comfortable and confident. I can't imagine finding a local graduate job that made use of my skills and interests without the GRB."

Sara Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Sara
Degree: Politics, Philosophy and Economics
University: London Metropolitan University
New Job Title: Graduate Consultant

"I had a great experience with this recruitment bureau, they help throughout the whole recruitment process unlike other recruitment agencies that give you the job description and leave it at that. This agency however highlight what the company wants and what is expected from you and try to match you to a job you can see yourself doing."

Nicole Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Nicole
Degree: International Politics
University: University of Surrey
New Job Title: Business Manager

"GRB were very helpful and friendly from the start. After listening carefully to the kind of career I was looking for, GRB found me the perfect place and supported me throughout my application process. GRBs skills are second to none and I would definitely recommend GRB to any graduate looking for their dream career. Many thanks!"

Ian Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Ian
Degree: Politics
University: University of Leeds
New Job Title: Technology Leadership Graduate Programme

"I was first contacted by GRB in January 2012 about a potential graduate role with a FTSE 100 organisation. From the outset, the communication and support I received from both Jenny and Charlotte was outstanding and helped greatly throughout the entire application process and subsequently securing the role. Two years later and I have now completed my graduate scheme and am now very happy in a full-time role at the same company! I would strongly recommend GRB!"

Katarina Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Katarina
Degree: English with American Studies
University: University of Nottingham
New Job Title: Assistant Editor

"I worked with Rebecca at the GRB Recruitment Fair in June 2011 - she was smart, on the ball and a great team member! She also helped recruit me for a job that was perfect for my skills and qualifications: I'd happily recommend GRB's services, and would feel privileged to work with them in the future."

Jenna Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Jenna
Degree: English Literature
University: St. Andrew's University
New Job Title: Graduate Exhibition Producer

"It's been a mad dash as I've been trying to find a flat (more friends moving to London so we're moving in together!), start the job and set up all my bills so apologies for not getting to you sooner. The office is fantastic and the team are lovely, as you said, and I still can't quite believe I'm here!

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, guidance and support through every stage of this process. You have been absolutely efficient and professional, and I always felt a priority, though I'm sure you have a lot on your plate. In addition, you always listened to my feedback and questions and ensured I felt secure in the process, as well as being encouraging throughout.

I've been contacted by a quite few recruiters since I started searching for a job again and I always felt like a number, but you are far and away the most engaging (and successful, clearly!) I have come across. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone searching for work, and I wish you every success in this, and anything else you choose to do. You're a credit to GRB and they're lucky to have you.

I'd really appreciate if you could please forward this to whomever is at the head of your team/company as I hope you are being recognised for your work, and would like to commend them for recruiting the best for their team."

User GRB Testimonial

Name: Elizabeth
Degree: English
University: York
New Job Title: Team Coordinator

"I graduated from the University of York in July 2012 and thanks to the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, secured a job with a global Telcomms firm by the beginning of August. I now work in London as a Team Coordinator for the Brand & Communications team which is a great first job because I want a career in Brand Marketing.

The service I received from the GRB was outstanding and I was surprised that I received so much support from a free service. It was also a very straightforward process - I saw a job I was interested in, sent over my CV and the GRB called me to discuss my suitability. I really appreciated that Danielle, my consultant, really cared that the job interested me and would enable me to use my skills and experience.

Prior to my interviews, Danielle fully prepared me by sending lots of useful information and tips. We spoke on the phone several times and it was reassuring to be able to contact her and ask questions. I guess the best word to describe the service would be 'thorough.' Danielle thought of everything and I felt I went into the interview in the best possible position. Ultimately, that made me more confident and more prepared which helped me get the job."

Ben Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Ben
Degree: Humanities
University: University of Brighton
New Job Title: Graduate Trainee Recruiter

"My experience with GRB was great, Owen was extremely helpful. I was unhappy at my job and he called me and pitched recruitment to me. Owen sent over a list of companies and asked me to highlight my favourite ones. I chose a role and then it was a very simple and easy process. Two months after I had my first telephone conversation with Owen I was starting my career! I had a really great experience working with GRB and Owen and I am grateful for the work we did together. I would give my highest recommendation to Owen and to GRB."

Andrew Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Andrew
Degree: History
University: Southampton
New Job Title: HR Executive

"I signed up to GRB at the beginning of my first year at the University of Southampton. Four years later with undergraduate and Masters degrees completed, I went out into the most competitive job market in generations. I applied to numerous graduate schemes, with little success. GRB managed to link my skills and qualifications to role in the local area. Sam and the team were excellent in finding me a relevant position.

Human Resources is a very specialist field with few vacancies at graduate level, but GRB managed to find a number of positions available. The constant support before and after the interview process was outstanding and for me makes GRB unique. They helped me prepare for every step of the recruitment process. I have recommended to all my friends and would recommend to anyone. Thank you so much for your help in finding me a fantastic job."

Jamie Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Jamie
Degree: Philosophy, Politics And Economics
University: Exeter
New Job Title: Graduate Consultant

"It's no exaggeration to say Aleks at GRB has played a huge role in working with me to getting the next chapter of my life sorted - he was with me every step of the way and I felt that he really wanted to help me by reviewing my presentations, giving me lots of advice and always being only a phone call away. GRB were different from many other agencies I've come across as they delivered a very personal service. The job they found me was precisely the sort of role I was looking for and I feel very lucky to have joined a fantastic company with a small group of other graduates and have great prospects ahead!"

Mat Humanities GRB Testimonial

Name: Mat
Degree: History And Politics
University: Warwick
New Job Title: Graduate Market Research Analyst

"Having graduated in 2012 I was fairly upbeat about finding a job. I had some good work experience behind me and volunteered at the Olympics which I thought would look good on my CV. However, having applied for tonnes of jobs, including part time work, I started to realise that finding a job wasn't going to be quite as easy as I had thought. I was told that applying to some recruitment agencies might help out.

My advice is to be picky about which agencies you choose! I initially had two absolutely awful experiences with recruitment firms. The jobs they put me forward for were not at all what I wanted to do and were not relevant for me at all. They were not explained and I felt totally unprepared for the interviews I was sent to. One job, unbeknown to me, was actually for a self-employed position. It was only when I read the contract that I realised I would not be paid a wage. Thankfully I had not signed and so was not locked into an 18 month contract, but I had wasted five days of my time at the firm.

I signed up to GRB just as part of the initial rush of applications that I think must people go through and to be completely honest, I think I had forgotten I had signed up. It was only when I was sent an email by a consultant about a job position that was looking for graduates from my discipline that I remembered. The fact that the email spoke about why History grads in particular were desired was encouraging because I immediately knew that at least the employer knew the sort of person they were looking for- and thankfully I fitted that category!

After my initial application I was then phoned by the consultant who spoke to me to find out more about myself and the type of job and environment I would like to work in. This was great because I really felt she was making an effort to find out whether I would enjoy the job and be a good fit for the company. I felt like I was more than just a number to GRB and that my consultant actually cared about whether or not this job would be a good fit for me personally.

I had a lot of help in terms of preparation for my initial and secondary interviews. I've now been working for about six weeks and am really enjoying myself. I feel incredibly lucky to have got this job from GRB, but wish I had focused my efforts with them early, and not wasted my time with other firms."