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Industry Profiles

Understanding the industry you wish to enter is an essential part of any job application so it's vital that you do enough background research before you begin. The drop down menu above contains a profile for each of the major industries, covering useful information such as expected salaries, qualifications and skills that you might need and the fundamental roles available within each sector. This will give you an idea of the general career path people will take in order to work their way up and how to move forward after initial training, including some additional sources of information which will help guide you in the right direction.

How important is Industry Research?

This will also ensure that you build up a realistic view of how much you can take from it and where it is likely to lead you, as well as any skills you might need to focus on in order to progress any further. Being able to demonstrate this knowledge will not only represent a dedication to your career, but also to the company you are applying for. They will gain a much clearer picture as to what you are hoping to gain from a role and in turn how much commitment and passion you are likely to show for it.