If you're a graduate looking to get into FMCG and need to get a feel for the kind of questions employers might ask at interview, then make sure you research these graduate FMCG interview questions below. These questions and answers are taken from real graduate interviews, and compiled to give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare your answers.

Example FMCG Interview Questions:

As a manager or employee in an FMCG company, how would you increase sales?

This question seeks to assess your marketing potential. If you have thoroughly prepared for the interview then this will be a good opportunity for you to display some industry specific knowledge. In the FMCG sector often the price and placement of products are key, so you may wish to shape your answer around these elements of the marketing mix. Finish your reply with a acknowledgement of the balance between an increase in revenues and an increase in the cost of marketing.

What do you consider to be an effective way of handling conflicts in the workplace? 

Work related conflicts can be of several sub varieties, from conflicts between colleagues, conflicts between senior management and subordinates, conflicts with management rules, systems and procedures, conflicts with clients and customers to work versus personal life. The employer obviously expects you to look at things from their point of view. No employer likes an employee for whom they are second priority. You are valued for your ability to solve problems and not for bringing problems to the workplace. Therefore it is important to project a rational and realistic approach. You can say something like "I am aware that conflicts are quite natural things- problems do crop up. My approach would be to look at what is causing the problem. This involves communicating with my team members or the other concerned parties." Any examples of where your communication, diplomatic or mediation skills have been effective should be included in your answer.

How will you assign targets to sales executives and sales officers?

This question is more about the internal structure of a firm and assesses your knowledge at a more general level. There are many different ways that you could assign targets, perhaps mention identifying average achievements in the previous year and working up realistically from there to improve sales.  Acknowledge the relevance of incentives in driving targets.