Graduate Success Stories

Name: Theodore
Degree:  Information Management in Business
University: UCL
New Job Title: Graduate Technical Consultant

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciated your gift and note. Once again I'd just like to thank you for all your hard work. The guys here seem great and I'm already on project work so they're keeping me in check! It really does seem like a good match, so for that I give you all the credit. All these things happen for a reason, and it looks like this was the opportunity I had been waiting for."

Name: Sally
Degree:  Business Administration
University: University of Kent
New Job Title: Graduate Operations Manager

"Eight years ago Lucy from GRB contacted me with a potential role, she was confident then that she'd found me my ideal role....8 years on and I'm still with the same company loving my job so she couldn't have got it more right. They are extremely professional and take time to understand their clients and where their strengths are."

Name: Natasha
Degree:  Business Administration
University: University of York
New Job Title: Supply Chain Administrator

"I worked with Charlotte from GRB and cannot recommend her enough. She worked with me during the process of applying for my current role and was extremely helpful from the beginning of the hiring process until the end, giving me detailed prep on my cv, helping me perfect my interview skills, and providing useful tips for my assesment day. She was helpful even after I had secured my position, regularly checking in to answer any questions and being a great liaison between myself and my new employer."

Name: Timea
Degree:  Accounting for Management
University: Birkbeck College
New Job Title: Customer Service Executive

"Thanks to Charlotte I got a job that I always wanted in order to get myself going on the right path to a great career. Throughout my dealings with Charlotte, she made me feel like l actually matter to her and l'm not just another number on her books. She seems to care about quality and good service both to her clients and candidates and provided advice when l needed it. Thanks again."

Name: Gary
Degree:  Management Science
University: University of Loughborough
New Job Title: Insight Analyst

"GRB helped me find a role a few years ago. The team was friendly and I felt able to trust their advice and feedback. The process was smooth and I would recommend them to any graduates looking for work."

Name: Agnes
Degree:  Mathematics
University: Imperial College
New Job Title: Junior Financial Modeller/ Forecasting Analyst

"A couple of years ago, GRB contacted me and led me to land an offer for a graduate level role at Accenture based in London despite the economic downturn. With offers at hand that time (PhD scholarship vs joining the industry), Aleks at GRB listened to me and help formulate my game plan instead of pushing to close the deal. I found GRB's people are genuine and highly professional. I am happy to recommend GRB for Maths/ Engineering/ IT graduates as they are good at the matching process."

Name: Oliver
Degree:  Marketing
University: University of Newcastle
New Job Title: Recruitment Consultant

"GRB placed me back in 2011. They were incredibly professional with their approach and gave so much more than other Recruitment companies. Their seamless preparation for each interview stage ensured that I was successful which even included multiple calls late at night. I love the job that I am in and couldn't imagine leaving. This wouldn't be possible without the GRB team. Many thanks!"

Name: Nicole
Degree:  International Politics
University: University of Surrey
New Job Title: Business Manager

"GRB were very helpful and friendly from the start. After listening carefully to the kind of career I was looking for, GRB found me the perfect place and supported me throughout my application process. GRBs skills are second to none and I would definitely recommend GRB to any graduate looking for their dream career. Many thanks!"

Name: Ian
Degree:  Politics
University: University of Leeds
New Job Title: Technology Leadership Graduate Programme

"I was first contacted by GRB in January 2012 about a potential graduate role with a FTSE 100 organisation. From the outset, the communication and support I received from both Jenny and Charlotte was outstanding and helped greatly throughout the entire application process and subsequently securing the role. Two years later and I have now completed my graduate scheme and am now very happy in a full-time role at the same company! I would strongly recommend GRB!"

Name: Tuuli
Degree:  Physics
University: University of Cambridge
New Job Title: Pre-Sales Consultant

"Great recruiting process and outcome! Gen Bell from GRB has skill in matching the right person and the right organisation. She's asking the right questions and thinking ahead years rather than months - still in the same place that she originally found for me a few year back. Highly recommended!"

Name: Rory
Degree:  Economics
University: University of Leeds
New Job Title: Graduate Assistant Management Accountant

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to your agency, and to personally recommend several of your consultants.
I had been hunting for a job for ages (a year and a half now) until finally I got a job. I'm so excited, it's right up there as goes my dream job (I get to cost pizza! Pizza!). Anyway, I wouldn't be in this position were it not for you agency, thank you so much. During my job search I have dealt with a number of your consultants. Everyone comes across as being very friendly and helpful. Jenny was great as was Freddie.
Two of your consultants have been particularly fantastic though. Charlotte and Jenny. Both are incredibly friendly, they are always willing to chat on the phone and listen to anything you have to say. I genuinely feel like I know them. They're both very efficient, as in every time I request something or leave a message they're always back in contact very quickly. Finally, they always backed me! I've had a right ordeal getting a job, constantly getting rejected for a multitude of fiddly and often picky reasons, yet they always came back with new opportunities which they were delighted to put me forwards for. Special Thanks has to go to Charlotte as most of the jobs I applied for were through her, as was the one I eventually got, but I equally could have gotten one off Jenny.
Thanks so much to those guys; I definitely think they should get a pay rise as they were so fantastic!:D"

Name: David
Degree:  Business and Management
University: Liverpool John Moores University
New Job Title: Graduate Trainee Recruitment Consultant

"I used GRB to acquire my first professional role. The consultant I worked with was what I would call a true testament to professional service. Not only did I feel that GRB provided me with real opportunities, they guided me through the interview process and handled my employer so well that I felt that the job was assured. And assured it was so I have to thank GRB for the advancement in my career and for that I will always give them the kudos they deserve."

Name: Danielle
Degree:  Law
University: University of Hull
New Job Title: Recruitment Consultant

"GRB were extremely professional and fast in finding me a job after graduating. I received an excellent service from the consultants there and had numerous interviews booked in quickly. I felt the interview preparation was excellent and I really understood each position and each company before going there, after my interviews they had feedback quickly and didn't leave me hanging around waiting to hear back. I would highly recommend them to any graduate looking for a recruitment career after university."

Name: David
Degree:  Business
University: University of Brighton
New Job Title: Recruitment Consultant

"When I was fresh out of UNI I worked closely with a consultant at GRB and it was the best decision I ever made. She and I had a number of meetings to really pinpoint the kind of career path I wanted to take which I still am in now. Unfortunately it was not a long term engagement as I found myself with an offer for a great job in no time at all. I strongly recommend any newly graduated individual to contact GRB and reap the rewards and start your journey. 5* service focused on people not profits!"

Name: Daniyal
Degree:  Management
University: University of Bristol
New Job Title: Executive Search Associate

"I used GRB to find my first job and they were a pleasure to work with. I always felt that they had my best interests at heart and would wholeheartedly recommend them to any graduate searching for that key first role."

Name: Katarina
Degree:  English with American Studies
University: University of Nottingham
New Job Title: Assistant Editor

"I worked with Rebecca at the GRB Recruitment Fair in June 2011 - she was smart, on the ball and a great team member! She also helped recruit me for a job that was perfect for my skills and qualifications: I'd happily recommend GRB's services, and would feel privileged to work with them in the future."

Name: Jack
Degree:  Business Information Technology
University: Bournemouth University
New Job Title: IT Infrastructure Manager

"Rebecca helped me find my ideal job! A great recruitment consultant!"

Name: Adewale
Degree:  Computer Science
University: Kingston University
New Job Title: IT

"I'm writing this message to thanks the GRB team (especially Will and Aleks) for all your endeavours on my behalf in helping me secure a role. Without you guys I would probably still be one of the many CVs floating around the job sphere waiting for someone to notice me. I sent out my CV to a fair few agencies but I can wholeheartedly say you guys were the best at making me feel comfortable and eliminating most of the anxieties involved with the graduate job search process. Will and Aleks, your constant communication advising/informing me about new opportunities and the progress of my application were very much appreciated and helpful. At the moment I am enjoying the role, constantly learning new things and I feel pretty settled."

Name: Frederik
Degree:  Computer Science with Business
University: University of Surrey
New Job Title: Graduate Analyst and Developer

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank GRB for helping me find employment recently. You guys are great. But most importantly, I would like to thank Gen Bell for helping me land my dream job. I've been with a lot of recruitment agencies and recruiters, yet I've never met anybody who took each task personally. That's very rare. She kept me up to date at all times and was always a pleasure speaking with her. There should be more of her. She's amazing!Thank you guys. "

Name: Titus
Degree:  History and French
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Communications Role

"Really helpful from the beginning. My main contact, Jenny, regularly kept me updated with my application and was very supportive throughout. Would highly recommend this to other graduates."

Name: Matthew
Degree:  Mathematics and Economics
University: University of Exeter
New Job Title: Graduate Econometric Analyst

"GRB helped me to get my first job. I found their whole team to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. Their great service included interview techniques and CV advice. Would highly recommend."

Name: Charlie
Degree:  Computer Science
University: University of Hertfordshire
New Job Title: Graduate SAP Developer Consultant

"Outstanding communication from the first phone call, very professional and helpful at all stages of the recruitment process. Would highly recommend GRB to anybody seeking their services."

Name: Nicola
Degree:  Geography
University: Royal Holloway, University of London
New Job Title: Graduate Marketing Executive

"GRB work quickly to place you in a role - they really do have your best interests at heart, making sure they approach you with positions that match your skill set and ensuring you are fully prepared before interviews. I have recommended GRB to many friends and will continue to do so. Definitely the most professional, efficient and friendly graduate recruitment agency I have come across!"

Name: Luke
Degree:  Information Technology
University: University of Nottingham
New Job Title: Graduate Software Developer

"Excellent service. Provided me with lots of options and helped me to get a job very quickly. Provide advice and interview techniques. Recruitment agent: Gen Bell."

Name: Lee
Degree:  Physics
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Nuclear Safety Consultant

"Great friendly service. Great at listening and very efficient."