Graduate Success Stories

Name: Ravleen
Physics with Astrophysics
University: King's College
New Job Title:
Account Manager

1.        How did you hear about GRB?
Through my University Career advisor

2.        What challenges did you face when seeking graduate employment?
Not really knowing exactly what I wanted to do and what lines of work my degree could open doors to. I was applying to all the cliché places - investment banks, consultancy firms but mainly because I didn't know fully what else was out there for a Physics grad who didn't want to go in to research!

3.       How did GRB help you start your career?
GRB helped me specifically with that challenge mentioned as it presented me with opportunities in industries I had not considered - mainly because I didn't know about them! I ended up going to join a Media Agency to work as a Campaign Analyst; something I didn't even know existed up until GRB had introduced the concept to me. When I joined I realised the industry I was in was so young in itself that in fact many people did not know of its existence and need for talent with more quantative backgrounds rather than pure marketing backgrounds. The Media industry was shifting in it's profile of talent and GRB had seized this opportunity and connected grads like me to those roles not traditionally considered by Physics students!

4.       In the 13 years since you graduated describe how your career has developed?
I have remained in the Advertising and Media business for the 13 years since I graduated and have GRB to thank for introducing me to this dynamic and exciting industry! I went from being a Campaign Analyst at a WPP Agency to then moving Publisher side to Microsoft Advertising. There I began managing teams selling media across Xbox, MSN, Skype and now am the UK Head of Sales for Bing.

As well as this I have spent a lot of time focussing on Diversity and Inclusion in the Digital Advertising space.

My career has been varied, has taken unexpected turns at times, been full of fun challenges and has allowed me to work with some of the smartest people I have ever met. Plus I met my Husband through my work - another thing I have GRB to thank for.

5.       What is your ultimate career end goal?
That's a tough one! I don't have an end goal because I don't expect this to end; I see my career and personal life moulding around and sometimes into each other as I feel so passionate about what I do and the business I work in. One goal I do have is to keep challenging myself to do the big things that feel uncomfortable. From that more and more possibilities are created so that there really is no end to what you can do.

6.       Why would you encourage students to use GRB?
Yes! As you can see from all the above GRB was a huge turning point in my journey. You spent time listening to my needs and desires for my career and found me something suitable that I had never considered. I would also recommend graduates use any and every tool and support network they have at their disposal; no one is successful alone, we all need the help of others.

Name: Rocio
Degree: Economics
University: University of Bristol
New Job Title: Graduate Campaign Analyst

I'd like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to GRB and everybody who worked on my profile, especially to Sara for her amazing job, time and dedication. I heard about GRB for the first time in the University of Bristol during the Careers Fair and the service was fantastic from the first to the last day.

Name: Henrik
Software Engineering
University of Westminster
New Job Title:
Graduate Systems Administrator

1.    How did you hear about GRB?
My Father. He googled "graduate jobs software engineering" and sent me an email with a link to GRB's site. With their help, two weeks later I got a job.

2.    What prompted your job search?
It was a last minute thing. It was June in my final year and I have to admit I was finding it hard to make any progress. Career Fairs weren't any good. The Careers Service suggested I needed work experience to improve my chances and suggested starting by looking at working voluntarily but it wasn't an option really. I did the usual applying for jobs online but nothing was happening. Thankfully my Father stepped in with the solution.

3.    How did you feel at the start of your job search?

Really daunted. It wasn't helped by having no strategy and so I felt it was an impossible task to find a job. I'd never worked in an office before so thought this would hold me back.

4.    What were you looking for in a job?
Something purely technical, related to my degree. What started as a hobby was something I wanted to make a living from.

5.    What support did your GRB Consultant provide?
Tons of support. It all started after I applied for a Java role and sent my CV to Gen. She began by improving my CV. As she got more information out of me it became clear I was a better fit for a different role using Linux. Something I downplayed on my CV. A day after she introduced my CV to the recruiter I got another call saying the next stage was to complete a questionnaire on systems administration. I had a week to complete it but was so fired up I did it in 3 days. The day after that I got another call from Gen inviting me for an interview with the recruiter. I came down with my Mum, did the interview and within 30 minutes they called me with a job offer. I was amazed how quickly the whole process took.

6.    What is your ultimate career end goal?
Whilst I'd love to get into gaming development I will continue along the system admin career path to reach senior levels and maybe move into software development.

7.    Why would you encourage other students to use GRB?
Absolutely. Gen was fantastically helpful and made the process seamless.

Name: Alex
Degree: History
University: University of Warwick
New Job Title: Researcher

I want to thank you for the quality of service you provided in helping me acquire a job. In particular, the amount of patience, help and time provided by your consultant Danielle who was astonishingly helpful and entirely dismissed my preconceptions about recruitment companies. If possible, could you thank her for me. Thanks.

Name: Julia
Degree: History
University: University of Exeter
New Job Title: Graduate Analyst

GRB are a fantastic recruitment company that helped me secure my dream job within the headhunting and finance sector within a month of signing up with them.

I must give all the credit to Hannah Dodds, the recruitment consultant who was managing my case. As an industry specialist, she was able to offer me professional guidance and support through the often stressful recruitment process. Hannah supported me throughout the multiple rounds of interviews, communicating feedback and managing my expectations. She was always very quick to respond to my emails and phone calls, and went the extra mile to contact me outside of my previous jobs' working hours. I cannot emphasise enough how helpful it was to have Hannah supporting me through this recruitment process.

Name: Matthew
Degree: Physics
University: University of Warwick
New Job Title: Graduate SAP Consultant

1.    How did you hear about GRB?
The boyfriend of a girl you placed. He set up a facebook page promoting GRB.

2.    What prompted your job search?
The Careers Service were very active in promoting graduate recruitment from day one. In hindsight I applied for the wrong internships to begin with which made me take my graduate career search more seriously. I made the conscious decision to focus exclusively on non-blue chip recruiters which dominate at Warwick.

3.    How did you feel at the start of your job search?
I made 30 applications and had one interview so the constant rejections were demoralising although I viewed it as a learning experience as it led me to the right employer eventually.  

4.    What were you looking for in a job?
A small firm. I felt I couldn't make an impact at a bigger firm and would be just a number. I wanted to specialise and focussed on graduate jobs and not schemes. I googled small IT consultancies in the South of England and skipped the first five pages to find those with good reputations in their field of research and projects. I applied to seven firms including registering with GRB in April 2015. I had an email immediately and a then a phone call with Matt.

5.    What support did your GRB Consultant provide?
Great interview preparation and a morale boost. They reinforced how good my skills and abilities were and that I had a very strong chance of finding work with their clients. Aleks really cared and was always there - even at 8pm the day before the interview - and throughout the process. The whole process involved a phone interview, online test, half day assessments and HR interview and full day assessment centre. From 36 candidates at the start they hired 10 and I was one of them.

6.    What is your ultimate career end goal?
I wish to grow with my new employer as much as possible.

7.    Why would you encourage other students to use GRB?
The support and help from the start to the finish was exemplary. It now means I can concentrate on my studies in my final year now I have a job in the bag.

Name: Rav
Degree: Mathematics and Economics
University: University of Warwick
New Job Title: Graduate Analyst

1.      How did you hear about GRB?
I got an email from my Department at Uni about the free service GRB offer. I got a phone call soon after registering.
2.      What challenges did you face when seeking graduate employment?
Not really knowing what to do and creating generic applications because of that.

3.      How did GRB help you start your career? Describe the GRB experts you worked with who gave you advice, guidance and support.
GRB looked at my education, personality (what they could gauge over the phone) and interests and matched up suitable jobs - some of which I never really knew existed. The GRB expert was really helpful to make sure that I was matched to the job and also gave some useful tips on the interview process. They were always there to help and offer advice.

4.      In the 6 years since you graduated describe how your career has developed?
Since graduating I started work at a company as a trainee analyst. Whilst in the job I gained a huge amount from statistical modelling in the real world to improving my presentation skills and confidence. After about 5 years there (including an 8 month sabbatical to travel) and progressing to Project Manager I joined Expedia in London as a Senior Brand Analyst. Again, I learnt a great deal, more so on the in's and out's of a large organisation (including handling the multitude of data) and being constantly client/stakeholder facing. After about 8 months in this role I was promoted to Brand Analytics Manager and relocated to Seattle, WA (where Expedia HQ is based) where I currently sit today.

5.      What is your ultimate career end goal? Still unsure!

6.      Why would you encourage other students to use GRB?
GRB is a great way to get yourself into a first job - especially when you're not sure what you want to do. They help you from day one and guide you through the process, and still keep in touch years down the line.

Name: Mark
Degree: Health Economics
University: University of Sheffield
New Job Title: Graduate Analyst

1.      How did you hear about GRB?
Word of mouth mainly, and I believe they visited the University of Warwick on a careers day when I was studying my BSc there.
2.      What challenges did you face when seeking graduate employment?
The credit crunch had just begun. I was graduating from a Mathematics degree and the four industries I was made aware of for students with my degree were: actuary; investment banking; finance and accountancy; management consulting. These industries were particularly cautious in hiring and very few places existed. I got through to many 'final rounds' in these industries but it was tough to break through.

3.      How did GRB help you start your career? Describe the GRB experts you worked with who gave you advice, guidance and support.
I first worked with Gen Bell who found two opportunities in areas I was not too familiar with. The first was a leading integrated commodity producer and marketer. The second was an international business and technology consulting firm. Both opportunities were industries I did not even know existed before discussing with Gen Bell. At the time, I was very excited to explore and although I did not get the jobs it opened my eyes that there were plenty of industries where someone with my skillset could apply and find stimulating.

I next worked with Lucy Bates. She found an opportunity of mathematical modelling in the healthcare industry. It sounded very aligned with what I had been doing in my degree, and upon investigation, actually supported patients receiving life-changing medicines. This time I got the job, and have been in this industry ever since, as I find it very rewarding. It also initially used the skillsets I had developed from university whilst providing the opportunity to develop additional skills you can only learn in a professional work environment.

Both GRB experts were accomplished, and cared for my well-being and career trajectory. They also were meeting the needs of the employer as they matched my skillset coming out of University with that which was sought in these career opportunities.

In particular, I have recruited two more graduates through Lucy Bates at GRB, whilst in a previous employment at a consulting firm. Both turned out to be excellent hires.

4.      In the 6 years since you graduated describe how your career has developed?
Today I would describe my job profession as a business-minded, health economist with a strong Mathematics background. I have moved up from analyst position, to senior analyst, to lead health economist, to health economics manager, to market access director UK, to health economics senior director EU, to finally managing director of my own company.

I have developed both in terms of skills acquired, experience gained, and knowledge learned (I even completed a MSc in health economics part-time).

5.      What is your ultimate career end goal?
I have reached my career end goal, to have my own company and be in control of my own destiny. I want to develop a company that can help people both professionally in work terms, but also give back to society by donating proceeds to charitable causes.

6.      Why would you encourage other students to use GRB?
Yes, without a doubt. I do not remember another recruitment firm that can even touch GRB in matching the requirements of employers and also opening the eyes of students to opportunities you would never know existed. I am eternally grateful to GRB in putting my first foot on the ladder which has helped me get where I am today.

Name: Chris
Degree: Mathematics
University: University of Warwick
New Job Title: Graduate Analyst

1.      How did you hear about GRB?
I'll be honest, I can't quite recall. I believe GRB contacted me after I put a CV up on some online job sites, which is fairly typical of recruitment agencies.
2.      What challenges did you face when seeking graduate employment?
When I first left University the first challenge was identifying a career path - as a Maths graduate you're very employable so have plenty of options, but depending on your focus during your degree you may not necessarily have focused on specific career paths in the same way that other degrees do. On first leaving University I decided relatively quickly I wanted to pursue consultancy but in this line of work graduate recruitment can be very competitive and I didn't find the right role at that time.

3.      How did GRB help you start your career? Describe the GRB experts you worked with who gave you advice, guidance and support.
GRB came to me after I'd spent a few years in my first job, and had started to look for my next move. I was still keen to pursue consultancy and was starting to go through the recruitment process with a few companies.

Gen at GRB listened to my aspirations, my previous experience going through graduate recruitment and my work experience to date and suggested a position with a company I'd already been considering - a great sign we were thinking alike.

Through the recruitment process she was really supportive and then totally came into her own when I was offered a position. Unexpectedly my (then) current employer made a counter-offer, and together with the uncertainty of the economy at the time I was unsure which was the right way to jump. Without ever telling me what to do she really helped me to think it through and 7 years later, I'm still glad I came to the decision I did.

4.      In the 11 years since you graduated describe how your career has developed?
After graduating I went travelling for a few months, then started out with a small local company before moving to London (this was the one GRB helped me with) and really accelerating my career progression.
I don't regret the slower start as I believe I needed that - I'd had an idea of where I was headed from soon after University but perhaps wasn't quite ready when I first graduated. Working in a smaller company allowed me to get some experience with a variety of roles, take on a lot of responsibility and develop some of the skills I needed in a different kind of environment, which certainly helped me when I returned to the graduate recruitment process.

Once I did head down here things moved pretty fast; I've been promoted three times in seven years and work with some of the biggest companies in the UK.

5.      What is your ultimate career end goal?
I've always been pretty open-minded about where I'm headed since circumstances change and you have to change with them. That said I'd hope to keep doing work where I can help organisations think clearly about their technology strategies and solutions. Perhaps one day I'll 'go native' and try my hand at making a difference in-house.

6.      Why would you encourage other students to use GRB?
My experience was of a recruiter who genuinely listened to my aspirations, which many don't. The personal touch to help me throughout the recruitment process - not just doing enough to earn a commission - was also commendable.

Name: Evgenios
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: Imperial College London
New Job Title: Graduate Analyst

"I learned about the opportunity through the mailing list of GRB. After sending my CV I was contacted within two days. I was impressed by the detailed description of the job  that the GRB Resourcer, Charlie McKenna, provided with. Thanks to that I immediately had a really good idea of the operations and the culture of the company. All of my questions were answered and felt that I was having a friendly chat, making me confident that my recruiter would support my application.

I went through an assessment day with the company followed by a final interview, after which I would always had a review with Charlie over the phone. This was without doubt my best experience with a recruiter and at the end of the day I feel it contributed to me landing my first graduate job. I would definitely recommend GRB and especially Charlie McKenna."

Name: Stephen
Degree: Mathematics and Computer Science
University: University of Nottingham
New Job Title: Graduate Analyst

1.      How did you hear about GRB?
GRB was one of the firms recommended by my university. They knew I was looking for jobs that may be a little more interesting than the typical big four career path and it's one reason I chose to use them. Of course, they also secured interviews with big global firms so in the end it was a great balance.
2.      What challenges did you face when seeking graduate employment?
Well with the GRB, I didn't face many challenges at all and remember that there were plenty of opportunities presented to me. If there was a general challenge from a personal perspective, it would have been finding a company that was not a household name but still gave me great career opportunities. Everyone can apply to a large company with 50k employees but finding those hidden gems is not so easy.

3.      How did GRB help you start your career? Describe the GRB experts you worked with who gave you advice, guidance and support.
This one is simple! They found me a job for a new yet exciting consulting firm that was probably the best start to my career I could have asked for. The firm that I joined now is part of a worldwide group of over 5,000 management consultants. I was given plenty of advice regarding psychometric testing and case studies that set me in good stead not only for the smaller firms but also for the large consulting firms I also interviewed for. I was offered every role I interviewed for and that was helped a lot by the guidance given by GRB.

4.      In the 12 years since you graduated describe how your career has developed?
Since starting my career as a management consultant in London, I have worked for over 20 global companies as an advisor and strategy consultant, sat on five global advisory board in four countries including the US and South Africa and led over four startups. Having transitioned from management consultant, I found my way into running major financial, media and technology businesses in the midst of the financial crisis (not for the faint hearted) and supported various venture capital investments from both a due diligence, start-up and operational capability. Now I am the founder and investor in a number of businesses running in South East Asia, focused primary around digital innovation.

5.      What is your ultimate career end goal?
I think we all want to achieve something that we can put our name to. For some this may be part of a project or even outside of work, but as an entrepreneur, it is our company. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build businesses that disrupt incumbent and accepted ways of doing business whether in making cold-pressed juice or in changing the way we do digital advertising, and my ultimate goal is to be in a position to carry on doing this for many, many years to come. I may return back to Consulting or Venture Capital one day, and I think these are both fantastic careers to explore the world, business and innovation. Whatever the goal, I do think consulting can be a fantastic base to move into a myriad of roles and industries. Ultimately, so long as I am surrounded by inspiring people, doing creative work that challenges the status quo, there's a good chance I'll hit whatever new goals i set for myself.

6.      Why would you encourage other students to use GRB?
GRB set me on a great path and whilst it has been some time, I am sure they can help many others. More generally, I subscribe to age old idiom of "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and so whoever you are, I would give GRB a try and see what opportunities it brings you.

Name: Joanna
Degree: Management Science
University: University of Warwick
New Job Title: Customer Insight Analyst

1.      How did you hear about GRB?

I left University without a very clear idea of my next steps and so I did a lot of googling (I think google just about existed back then!). I came across GRB, they specialised in graduate recruitment and given my lack of experience and knowledge of the job market it seemed better route than the generic recruiters.

2.      What challenges did you face when seeking graduate employment?

I think the biggest challenge I had was that the job market is so broad and therefore focusing in on one industry or discipline was very hard, especially with a degree that gave me such a broad foundation. In addition, at my university very large employers (like Unilever, Accenture, IBM etc.) were ever present but I think it's a real struggle for graduates to understand the depth and breadth of opportunities amongst small and medium sized businesses.

3.      How did GRB help you start your career? Describe the GRB experts you worked with who gave you advice, guidance and support.

GRB opened my eyes to opportunities I had never considered or even knew existed. They matched my specific skills and interests with job profiles and I was introduced to the world of retail analysis and consultancy. The team at GRB understood that I came from a mathematical background and was well qualified in numeracy but also took on that I had a keen interest in human behaviour and communication through presentation.

I started a role where I was using my maths skills to analyse data on customer behavior and make really impactful business recommendations as a result. I remember in my first few weeks boasting to my friends and family that I had made several million pounds for a retailer who is a household name in the UK, I had in fact only measured the impact of a marketing campaign but it still felt pretty good!

4.      In the 9 years since you graduated describe how your career has developed?

The role GRB introduced me to was in a small growing business. In the time since I joined we have moved office 3 times, been involved in two multimillion pound acquisitions, expanded into 2 new continents and more than quadrupled in size. Personally, I've been able to work across a number of teams and rise quickly in terms of seniority. I started in the analysis team where I grew from graduate analyst to senior analyst heading up the team delivering to our biggest clients. I then moved into the consultancy team which I am now the head of and manage a team of consultants delivering projects to clients all over the world and working closely with the Board to develop the strategic vision of the business. Recently we were acquired by MasterCard which has led to a huge number of further opportunities opening up including worldwide travel and access to some of the most interesting and exciting technologies.

5.      What is your ultimate career end goal?

The advent of "Big Data" and leaps forward in data capture and processing capabilities means that the opportunities for businesses to differentiate themselves are becoming more complex but more significant. There is a growing need for insight professionals and I'm really excited to be part of these changes. I aim to be at the forefront of developing the application of strategic insights in businesses and driving real value from it.

This probably means staying in an agency or consultancy environment which will allow me to access and work with a really wide variety of clients and projects. I think I'm lucky to be in a job that so closely matches my skills (thanks to some help from experts at the beginning of my career!) and so I see no reason I can't progress as far as possible, perhaps changing the landscape of the industry as I go.  

6.      Why would you encourage other students to use GRB?

I would certainly encourage other students to use GRB, for me they offered two main benefits: first they opened my eyes to opportunities that I hadn't considered and weren't necessarily directly advertised at university. Secondly they understood my inexperience with the job market and went to the effort of matching my skills to job profiles. I think if it wasn't for them I would have just linked my maths skills with finance and taken a route I'm 100% sure I wouldn't be as happy in.

Name: Stefan
Degree: Finance
University: University of Cologne
New Job Title: Graduate Analyst

"GRB Recruitment und das ganze Team haben mich während des ganzen Recruitmentprozesses sehr gut beraten. Mir hat vor allem die Schnelligkeit imponiert. Schon nach einer Woche fürhte ich mein erstes Interview durch und kurz darauf hatte ich meinen Arbeitsvertrag in meiner Hand. Unternehmen vertrauen auf die Selektion von GRB und deshalb kann ich GRB Recruitment nur weiterempfehlen. Vielen Dank"

Name: Diana
Degree: Economics and Business Management
University: University of Sussex
New Job Title: Graduate IT Support Account Manager

"GRB prepared me well for the interviews and presentations which resulted in me getting a Graduate Product Consultant job. I was very pleased with how GRB went through the whole recruitment process with me. It was easy to get along with my consultant and to communicate. She was very helpful in terms of all necessary preparations for interviews and presentations. She has been patient, well mannered and enthusiastic about getting a job for me. It was such a pleasure to cooperate with her. I appreciate all the help and want to say massive thank you."

Name: Sam
Degree: Engineering
University: Durham University
New Job Title: Graduate Non-Destructive Test Engineer

"I found everything great! I found your website was really easy to use and you did a great job in picking jobs that I was interested in. Rebecca was a pleasure to talk to and very helpful; she was always quick to pass on any queries and respond with the answers quickly. I felt it was all very professional and well done."

Name: Ashley
Degree:  Mechanical Engineering
University: Lancaster University
New Job Title: Graduate Engineering Scheme

"I just wanted to thank Rebecca Johnson for her part in helping me to secure an engineering graduate scheme. Throughout the process, it seemed like Rebecca had my best interests at heart and offered a lot of very useful information on what to expect at the various processes and how best to impress the employers. Rebecca has been both informative and easy to talk to and it is clear to me that anybody who is assigned to her is very fortunate. Having been offered two positions through Rebecca, I am hoping to sign a contract for a position shortly."

Name: Timea
Degree:  Accounting and Management
University: Birkbeck College
New Job Title: Graduate Logistics Customer Service Executive

"Thank you for all your help in finding a new career for me. Charlotte was especially helpful. I love my new job!"

Name: Titus
Degree:  History and French
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Communications Role

"GRB were fantastic. One of the few recruitment firms that are willing to help graduates with little work experience. My recruiter (Jenny) was great, keeping me updated on the progress of my application. The team were also quick to respond to any queries I had. All in all a great experience."

Name: Chris
Degree:  Mathematics
University: Cardiff
New Job Title: Graduate Data Analyst

"I had a very positive experience with this recruitment agency. My recruiter (Lucy) was always quick to respond to my queries and chase up with the employers. I felt she cared about my progress on a friendly and personal level. I was given details on each step of the process which enabled me to prepare and ultimately achieve the role I wanted. Highly recommended!"

Name: Darren
Degree:  Mathematics
University: University of Manchester
New Job Title: Ad Operations Assistant

"Fresh out of university and with a lack of work experience, GRB helped me get my first foot on the career ladder. My recruiter was professional, knowledgeable and provided me with an unrivaled level of help. I'm incredibly grateful for their help and hope to work with them again in the future."

Name: Salman
Degree:  BSc Medical Technology and MSc Nanotechnology
University: UCL
New Job Title: Graduate Pharmaceutical Forecasting Analyst

"Initially when I signed up to the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB), I thought they were your typical recruitment consultancy, one that will only push for an investment they see worthy. How wrong I was, when I received a targeted job advert for the sector of my choice, I thought I might as well apply seeming as though I have nothing to lose.

I was suprised to receive a call back very soon from Lucy Bates, a manager at GRB who really knew what she was talking about. She interviewed me over the phone to see if I was suitable for the role. When my CV was forwarded, ai was supported every step of the way with regular phone calls and emails. GRB even gave me information that was useful for the interview showing they truly have an edge over other recruitors who claim to help graduates. To get placed in a top company very soon in this job market, I can only credit GRB for their support. Lucy and the team did a fantastic job.

I can only conclude that if you have the talent, GRB will do their best to ensure you are placed. Thanks to Lucy and the team! They are awesome."

Name: James
Degree: Business Management
University: University of Surrey
New Job Title: Commercial Bid Support Analyst

"I first found out about GRB when a student forwarded details about the agency to members on my course. I signed up for updates in the areas I was interested in looking for and then got regular emails through with current vacancies that matched my interests. I also got some emails that were matched specifically to me, one of which was the role I secured with the help of GRB. Throughout the application process, the staff at GRB were really helpful and quick to reply to questions, so I couldn't recommend them enough."

Name: Harry
Degree:  Politics, Philosophy And Economics (P.P.E.)
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Forensic Accountant

"I had a great experience with the GRB. On top of guiding me through every stage of the application, Ian gave me the inside scoop about the company and the role, which not only gave me an advantage through the application process but also helped me make a much more informed decision. I certainly recommend applying for a job through the GRB and, well, the proof is in the pudding; I got the job!"

Name: Spiros
Degree:  Accountancy and Finance
University: University of Bristol
New Job Title: Application Consultant

"In a highly competitive market, demonstrating the qualities your interviewer is really looking for, and not just giving cliché answers you read online, I believe is crucial. To achieve that, you need to know exactly what the role is about and what is going to make you successful there. I would like to thank GRB for providing me with this information and guiding me so well through the whole process."

Name: James
Degree:  Accountancy and Finance
University: Lancaster University
New Job Title: Graduate Commercial Finance Trainee

"I sent my CV into GRB as I was recommended to by a friend who had found a graduate job through them. I didn't hear anything for a while, but it was reassuring to know that even though there may have been little contact, behind the scenes people must have been working hard to find a suitable role that would suit my needs and personal specification as I was contacted a few months later with job specification which really excited me. I was helped through the process every stage of the way by Charlotte who was extremely enthusiastic in giving me advice and tips about the assessment centre and interviews. From applying to final interview only took one week and I am know a trainee management accountant for a the UK market leader and global insulation manufacturer so obviously I couldn't speak highly enough of the service I received from GRB and would recommend it to any graduate searching for a job. I would also say don't give up hope of getting the job you want. It will happen. It took me two years and it could have been longer if I hadn't submitted my CV to Graduate Recruitment Bureau."

Name: Jozef
Degree:  Statistics
University: University of Oxford
New Job Title: Graduate Analyst

"Fantastic service. After I registered with GRB I was approached for a perfect job fit for me, this was followed by a GRB team support through the job selection process resulting in a job offer. Many thanks."

Name: Flavio
Degree:  Economics
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Digital Marketing Analyst

"Out of the three or four graduate recruiters I was involved with on my job hunt, my experience with GRB was by far the best. Lucy and Grace were both fantastic to work with and without their help, the career path ahead of me would be very different. I was treated like a person throughout, not a prospect (which is where the experience differed from the other recruitment firms), and with their help I have landed my dream role."

Name: Chris
Degree:  Business
University: University of Hull
New Job Title: Recruitment Consultant

"GRB helped me secure my current job as a Recruitment Consultant. They kept me informed, updated and prepared adequately throughout the entire process and were great to get along with. I'd thoroughly recommend graduates seeking employment opportunities to use the GRB. They know how to find the right job."

Name: Fiona
Degree:  Human Resource Management
University: Sheffield Hallam University
New Job Title: Graduate HR Co-ordinator

"GRB found me the job that I was looking for and provided excellent support throughout the recruitment process. Jenny was knowledgeable of both the organisation and position and made me feel at ease in asking questions, no matter how trivial. I really appreciated the frequent feedback and updates provided. I can highly recommend GRB to any graduate looking for a new role"

Name: Daryl
Degree:  Broadcast Media and Popular Cultur
University: University of Brighton
New Job Title: Graduate Digital Recruitment Consultant

"GRB provided me with an exceptional service from start to finish. I initially got in contact with Owen the Sales Manager at GRB. Owen was easy to talk to and I quickly got across what I was looking for in terms of my next career move. Owen was extremely helpful and informative about how we should approach a prospective move. From speaking with him he completely understood what I was looking for and matched my profile with applicable opportunities. Together we targeted the opportunities most suited to what I was looking for. Ultimately the service from GRB and Owen led to me securing a great career move. I am extremely happy in my new role and would like to thank the team at GRB for all they did. I'd definitely recommend GRB to any grads straight out of Uni or second Jobbers like myself."

Name: Daniel
Degree:  Media Technology
University: University of Salford
New Job Title: Graduate Technical Project Manager

"I was contacted mid week about a vacancy which suited my skill set. By the Friday of that week I'd had a phone interview, an in-person interview and accepted the position. Very efficient and skilled at matching jobs to your specific skill set."

Name: Charlie
Degree:  Economics
University: University of Leicester
New Job Title: Graduate Web Analyst

"I can't fault the team at GRB, especially Sara who I dealt with personally. Sara contacted me regarding a job she thought I would be interested in. She then gave me some tips for my CV, helping to ensure I got an interview. A few days later I got the job! I felt like I was in really good hands the entire time. I thoroughly recommend GRB!"

Name: David
Degree:  Physics
University: University of Leeds
New Job Title: Graduate Technical Sales Consultant

"GRB helped me through every stage of my post university job search. They kept me up to date about vacancies which might interest me, and helped me with interview preparation and getting settled in my new role. I would recommend them to any graduates looking for a job."

Name: Phil
Degree:  Business
University: University of Brighton
New Job Title: Technical Sales

"I have had nothing but fantastic support from the guys at GRB. In 2 months I had a total of 4 interviews at 2 potential employers, and Aleks helped me every step of the way. I had regular contact with Aleks between the 3 interviews I had and really appreciated his support. He gave me a few very important tips that he had picked up on over his time working with the interviewer which really strengthened my case, and ultimately got me the job. Aleks even backed my decision to turn down a job offer from the first interview I had, which I was very grateful for as he had already invested a lot of time into me but was happy to find me the job that was right for me! I have already recommended GRB to all my friends looking for jobs, and would do so to anybody who wants to feel supported every step of the way until arriving at a job that you are very happy about! Thank you so much for helping me get to where I am - I'm now realising how lucky I am to work here!"

Name: Robert
Degree:  Mechanical Engineering
University: University of Exeter
New Job Title: Graduate Development Engineer

"I found the entire team at GRB particularly helpful and very personable, though I mainly dealt with Rebecca, who was spectacular. She showed a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication in handling my case, particularly through the amount of time that she took out of her day, even if it was to answer what were probably trivial questions. I can whole-heartedly say that I would recommend them and wish them all the best."

Name: Gregg
Degree:  Computer Games Programming
University: Glasgow Caledonian University
New Job Title: Graduate 3D Content Developer

"Helped me get my first full time job as a Programmer after I finished Uni. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Organised an interview that took into account I had to travel six hours to get to from Scotland. Highly recommend and thanks again for your help."

Name: Sam
Degree:  Engineering
University: University of Durham
New Job Title: Graduate Non-Destructive Test Engineer

"I found everything great! I found your website was really easy to use and you did a great job in picking jobs that I was interested in. Rebecca was a pleasure to talk to and very helpful; she was always quick to pass on any queries and respond with the answers quickly. I felt it was all very professional and well done!"

Name: Chloe
Degree:  Business Studies with French
University: University of Manchester
New Job Title: Graduate HR Co-ordinator

"By far the best graduate recruitment agency. They were always working hard to try and find some availabilities for me. They helped me throughout every stage in the interview process, giving me tips and providing feedback. I received regular calls to find out how my interviews went and received a lot of encouragement. I would not hesitate in recommending the GRB to all graduates."

Name: Alex
Degree:  Health Economics
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Health Economics Analyst

"Fantastic service. GRB provide a friendly, informed and professional service which led me to the job I had been searching for. Many thanks."

Name: Helen
Degree:  Biology
University: Durham University
New Job Title: Graduate Consultant - Pharmaceutical

"GRB always sent through jobs relevant to my CV and interests. This made working with them much easier as I trusted their judgements and unlike some other recruitment firms they seemed to have my best interests at heart. When I sent in my CV for a job, they were very quick to get in touch and offer any advice. Throughout the application process, they were very good at communicating information to me and ensuring that I was kept in the loop. Thanks for all your help Lucy, Grace and team!"

Name: Theresa
Degree:  International Marketing
University: King's College London
New Job Title: Graduate Marketing Analyst

"My experience with Graduate Recruitment Bureau has been very good. After registering and applying for a position, I have directly been in contact with one of the recruiters, Sara. Sara has been very helpful by giving me advice on my CV and for the interviews. She called several times to make sure that I felt fully prepared. A few days later I got the job at the company I had applied to!"

Name: Kate
Degree:  Business Marketing
University: University of Exeter
New Job Title: Graduate Marketing Assistant

"Jenny found me a perfect role and supported me through the entire process. I am now extremely happy in a great new job. I signed up with a number of graduate recruitment agencies in my job hunt after finishing University, but found that I got the best support and genuine commitment from GRB. Jenny was brilliant, the best recruiter I have been in contact with throughout my job search. She took a real interest in me and my career and was always there to answer my questions, no matter how trivial. I really appreciated the frequent feedback and updates she gave me and I would highly recommend GRB and Jenny to any graduate searching for work."

Name: Ollie
Degree:  Geography
University: University of Southampton
New Job Title: Graduate Sales Executive

"I experienced fantastic service from GRB - as a driven graduate my recruiter ensured I was regularly updated to any relevant job roles, and within a few weeks I found one which caught my eye. Sam S. did everything she could to prepare me for my interviews and settle the nerves! The advice she gave me specific to the company, where I now work, was so so useful in building confidence and understanding. Highly recommend GRB to anyone."

Name: Jenny
Degree:  Web Development
University: University of Central Lancashire
New Job Title: Graduate Web Developer

"I found GRB online and submitted my CV. It wasn't long before I was getting contacted about possible jobs. They seemed like they were genuinely trying to find me the perfect job. When Gen rang me about the job I'm currently in she was so supportive, offering lots of advice on how to do well throughout the whole process. She even asked me to contact her after I'd started the job to see how I was getting on. I got a lovely Congratulations package off GRB for getting the job. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish."

Name: Rebecca
Degree:  International Management
University: University of Manchester
New Job Title: Graduate Buying Assistant

"GRB couldn't have been more helpful! They sent me jobs which matched my complicated preferences and when they called me to match me to a job it couldn't have been more perfect. They always ensured I was up-to-date with what was happening throughout the process and gave me invaluable interview preparation help. After being offered the job Jenny was extremely supportive, responded to my questions and ensured a smooth transition. I'll be forever grateful for the help and support! Thank you so much Jenny and Charlotte!"

Name: Isaac
Degree:  Linguistics
University: University of York
New Job Title: Graduate Market Research Data Processor

"After months of submitting applications and CVs to agencies and graduate schemes to no avail, the Graduate Recruitment Bureau called me up out of the blue to say that they had a role that they felt I was well suited for. After discussing this job in more detail, they helped me tailor my CV to the company and write a decent cover letter - and after getting me an interview, helped me with interview prep, sending me questions to research, and topics to discuss. As well as giving sound advice and finding me an amazing graduate job, Danielle was in touch regularly to see how I was doing, and to ensure that I was comfortable and confident. I can't imagine finding a local graduate job that made use of my skills and interests without the GRB."

Name: Cameron
Degree:  Engineering
University: Durham University
New Job Title: Graduate Commercial Scheme

"Rebecca at the GRB was friendly, helpful and attentive during my Engineering graduate job search. I first approached the GRB with a specific job application in mind but, after speaking with Rebecca about my interests, ended up applying to a role I would have never heard of otherwise. It was in an area I had not considered but was well suited to and the GRB recognised this due to their experience and expertise. I was helped with adjusting my CV for the role, received interview tips tailored to the company and was offered support at every stage. I was successful in interview and assessment centre and ended up taking the role and am very happy on the graduate scheme. I was also sent a congratulations card and gift from the GRB! The GRB are a great place to start your job search and will do everything they can to help you find, prepare for and get your ideal graduate job."

Name: Gavin
Degree:  Chemistry with Analytical Chemistry
University: University of Strathclyde
New Job Title: Graduate Process Technologist

"The help I received from Rebecca and Amelia when i used the graduate recruitment was invaluable. From the first call to make sure i was informed of all the details of the job before applying and helping with CV problems. To the help given right before my interview so i cant praise the team enough and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a graduate job or placement."

Name: Jonathan
Degree:  Computer Science
University: University of Bristol
New Job Title: Graduate Technical Consultant

"GRB were by far the most professional recruitment service that I had any exposure to during my job search. They clearly maintain a solid working relationship with their clients and understand their requirements fully. Before each interview, I felt like I had been given clear and useful guidance on how best to prepare myself for each particular opportunity. I truly appreciate the attention to detail and the support that GRB consistently provided throughout what can sometimes be a stressful experience."

Name: Amy
Degree:  Economics
University: University of Nottingham
New Job Title: Graduate Economist

"I didn't feel under pressure from the GRB team, they told me about roles that I would be interested in and kept me updated with the latest information. Lucy was great with the advice about interview skills and kept my confidence up when it came to the final interview."

Name: Michael
Degree:  Statistics with Applications in Medicine
University: University of Southampton
New Job Title: Graduate Data Operations Analyst

"I had an excellent experience with GRB. They constantly kept in touch with a variety of different graduate jobs. Thanks to them and in particular Gen Bell I secured my current graduate job post university."

Name: Kwame
Degree:  Computer Science
University: Kingston University
New Job Title: Graduate IT Manager

"Excellent service, Will the agent that I was dealing with was really helpful and helped me Immensely. I Would recommend their services to anyone if you you are serious about getting a job."

Name: Sara
Degree:  Politics, Philosophy and Economics
University: London Metropolitan University
New Job Title: Graduate Consultant

"I had a great experience with this recruitment bureau, they help throughout the whole recruitment process unlike other recruitment agencies that give you the job description and leave it at that. This agency however highlight what the company wants and what is expected from you and try to match you to a job you can see yourself doing."

Name: Sami
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
University: King's College London
New Job Title: Graduate Service Manager

"The service provided by the GRB team from the moment I sent my CV off to the moment I received my offer can only be described as first class. After initially sending my CV off, within days I received phone calls of jobs matching my CV, one of which being Mars. Throughout my Mars application process I was adequately informed through all stages and felt extremely comfortable with the process as a consequence. I would therefore like at this point like to make a special mention to Aleks who guided me through each step and was always willing to help whenever I required it. It is due to these reasons I would recommend GRB to all graduates searching for their dream job. I would once again like to thank you all at GRB and wish you every success in you future dealing"

Name: Ksenia
Degree: International Business Economics
University: University of the West of England
New Job Title: Graduate Global Channel Executive

"I was impressed by the efficiency of the GRB team. They helped me to get my current job by understanding my skills, my needs and help me to properly match them to what the company was looking for. They were very helpful thorough the entire recruitment process by being always available if I had any query. I didn't have to worry about scheduling all the interviews, they took care of it and they even handled the salary negotiation and managed to get a bit more that the initial offer ;). I was also impressed by the professionalism mixed with a hint of friendliness that the team demonstrated from the first call to the box of chocolate I received when I started my new job. I would definitely recommend this agency if you are a young graduate looking to embrace the career of your dream but struggling to find the right role for you. Give GRB a call and they will sort you out! Thanks a lot guys and keep being great at what you do!"