The nucleargraduates graduate scheme

Nuclear graduates is the most comprehensive graduate programme the energy industry has ever seen. It involves business, science, energy generation, the government, defence, the environment and more. By becoming part of it, the programme ensures that you're supported and helped to progress by more than twenty different organisations.

The nucleargraduates scheme lasts for two experience-packed years. Both of these years are built around diverse placements and structured training. In the time you're on the scheme, you'll get to experience the entire sector – from governmental departments and industrial sites, to the supply chain that keeps everything running smoothly.

Secondments: Through a series of three eight-month secondments in the UK. In addition around half our graduates will have the opportunity to do a three-month placement abroad, working with one of our global partners.

Disciplines: The disciplines covered by nuclear graduates include engineering, science and commercial, all of which are covered in more detail on the disciplines section of the website.

Locations: Since the scheme includes over 20 stakeholders, many of which have international offices, nucleargraduates can choose to work in the UK, Europe or beyond.

Training: Throughout the scheme you will be fully supported in all aspects of your training, from behavioral to technical.

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