Helping others to help yourself: why it makes sense - and why it costs
Africa and Asia Venture (AV) is a UK-based, not-for-profit social enterprise that, since 1993, has specialised in volunteering projects in the developing world for those aged 18 to 25. Over 5,500 young people from 30+ countries have together contributed more than 1,200 man-years of service in the communities in which AV works.

Africa and Asia Venture

Volunteers are based in groups but live, immersed, in the community, typically in pairs or fours: they live with the locals as the locals live. The work they do centres mainly on primary and secondary schools in poor rural areas throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. They help in the classroom, coach sports, get involved in extra curricular activities or work in the wider community. After three months of community work, volunteers enjoy four weeks of independent travel. Throughout their time in country, AV offers volunteers just the right balance of independence and management support from its 24/7, local, on the ground teams.

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