The Co-operative group is now one of the nation's most recognisable brands, with grocer's stores all over the country. However, with many different businesses to their name, from pharmacists to funeral directors, from legal and financial services to travel agents, the Co-operative group offers graduates a wide range of career opportunities. With over 73,000 the Co-operative group is democratically run by it's members, the world's largest co-operative corporation at that, aiming to meet the needs and goals of both its customers and members. The Co-operative group supports community projects, environmentally friendly procedures and fair trade, making it a perfect choice for graduates with high ethical and moral values.

The Co-operative group graduate scheme

On the Business Management scheme, graduates will begin with a one week induction, designed to introduce graduates to the company's ethos and development plans. This is followed by a customer placement in store where graduates will work face to face with customers with a view to improving customer services. Graduates will also be moving between business projects to fully acclimatise them to the various roles a manager may have to take on.

The Finance scheme starts in the same way with induction and customer placements, before sending graduates of on four 9 month business placements where graduates will be engaged in live and important projects, meaning they will gain valuable experience whilst contributing to the projects that will help the business continue to grow. Reviews and development workshops assist graduates along the way, and they will be assisted by a mentoring system. The Co-operative group also offers paid study leave for graduates to take job-specific exams that will stand them in good stead for the future.

What you need:
The Co-operative group welcomes applicants from any degree discipline who hold a good degree classification. Good team working and leadership skills are essential for the management schemes. Financial applicants should have a good numerate background and good planning and analysis skills.

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