Simmons and Simmons is law firm with a growing international presence that currently spans 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The firm works on the principle that an understanding of business, language and culture can improve the quality of the legal advice that it offers to its clients. Simmons and Simmons' annual turnover for 2007/2008 was almost £300million.

The Simmons and Simmons graduate scheme

The training contract starts with a three week induction process designed to help graduates make the transition into a career in law. After this, graduates will begin placements in various areas of business, gaining practical experience, while being supported with a number of legal and business skills training programmes, taught in arrange of methods from seminars to one-on-one sessions, teaching the technical expertise that will be essential when graduates complete training contract. Throughout each placement, graduates will be assigned a supervisor who will assist in day-to-day tasks, and a mentor that will work with for the duration of the training contract. International and work placements in other companies are also available when the contract has been completed for graduates to gain further experience before settling into the company.

Roles available:


What you need:
Simmons and Simmons look for students with a high academic record, asking for at least a 2:1 degree and 340 UCAS points (or equivalents).
They are also keen for graduates to have work experience, though not necessarily law related, and who have good life experiences, be it through hobbies, cultural pursuits or travelling.
The skills graduates should possess to be successful at Simmons and Simmons are: the ability to quickly identify problems; good verbal communication skills; lateral thinking and analysis skills; confidence; team working abilities; drive and self belief; leadership skills; high levels of enthusiasm; the ability to take on responsibility; the desire to improve oneself and the ability to stick to the principle beliefs of the company.

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