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To be fair...

Candidate Attraction

We are on tour! The fresher and careers fair season has begun and the GRB candidate acquisition team are delighted to be back on the road visiting thousands of students across the UK.

Every year since 1997, GRB have invested heavily in creating a talent pool of students and graduates so we can supply our clients with the very best choice AND quality of emerging talent.

We do this so our clients don't have to spend time and money organising their own marketing activities throughout the year and then nurturing a large community of candidates day-by-day.

We also love meeting students, graduates and careers staff face-to-face and maintaining our strong ties with the country's leading Institutions. Here's the full list of Universities we are visiting - perhaps we'll see you there!?

Southampton        Autumn Careers Fair
Southampton        Fresher Fair
Birmingham        Fresher Fair
Birmingham        Autumn Careers Fair
Birmingham        Tech Fair
Nottingham        Fresher Fair
Exeter        Fresher Fair
Exeter        Autumn Careers Fair
Loughborough    Autumn Careers Fair
Loughborough    Fresher Fair
Warwick        Fresher Fair
Warwick        Summer Careers Fair
Manchester        Fresher Fair
Manchester        Autumn Careers Fair
Manchester        Summer Careers Fair
Sussex        Fresher Fair
Sussex        Autumn Careers Fair
Durham        Fresher Fair
Leeds            Fresher Fair
Bristol        Autumn Careers Fair
Bristol        Fresher Fair
Bath            Fresher Fair
Bath            Autumn Careers Fair
UCL            Fresher Fair
Surrey        Fresher Fair
Imperial        Fresher Fair
Sheffield        Fresher Fair
York            Autumn Careers Fair
York            Fresher Fair
York            Summer Careers Fair
Newcastle        Fresher Fair
King's        Fresher Fair
Reading        Autumn Careers Fair
Reading        Fresher Fair
Oxford        Fresher Fair
Aston            Fresher Fair
Aston            Autumn Careers Fair
Nottingham Trent    Fresher Fair
Lancaster         Fresher Fair
Lancaster         Autumn Careers Fair
Kent            Fresher Fair
Cardiff        Autumn Careers Fair
Royal Holloway    Autumn Careers Fair
Royal Holloway    Summer Careers Fair
Brighton        Autumn Careers Fair
Brighton        Careers Fair
Brighton        Fresher Fair
Edinburgh        Fresher Fair
Essex            Autumn Careers Fair
Essex            Fresher Fair
Liverpool        Fresher Fair
Cambridge        Fresher Fair
Coventry        Autumn Careers Fair
Leicester        Summer Careers Fair
Leicester        Autumn Careers Fair
Leicester        Fresher Fair
Glasgow        Fresher Fair
Strathclyde        Fresher Fair
LSE            Fresher Fair
Oxford Brookes    Autumn Careers Fair
Oxford Brookes    Fresher Fair

To find out more about our talent pool click HERE.

Dan Hawes is the Co-Founder of the GRB Group. He hopes to enlighten students, graduates and employers with his wisdom from over 25 years in the industry.

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