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The last few weeks have been busy in the world of recruitment with the Recruitment Expo at Olympia, the Institute of Employers (ISE) AGM and The CIPD Talent Acquisition Conference at The Montcalm Hotel.

Mixing with fellow senior recruiters from across Europe, hearing from experts and practioners is extremely useful when we often find we are tied to our desks. I therefore thought I’d share some of the notes I made and bring to your attention some issues that you may want to consider as we enter the choppy waters of 2019.

1. Forecasts for the coming year look good for graduates and employers alike. According to the ISE Pulse Survey, 70% of members are planning to recruit the same number this year.

2. The war for talent is back on. With 4% unemployment and 32 million people employed in the UK the labour market is very tight. The ISE Pulse survey stated that 55% big name recruiters had recruitment shortfalls and 49% expect BREXIT to exacerbate this in 2019. I eavesdropped at least three conversations saying it has never been harder to recruit talent. One of the best attended seminars at the Recruitment Expo was about talent acquisition. You have been warned.

3. Engage early. Building your talent pipeline and being more proactive isn’t anything new but thinking more like a marketer is. Forward thinking companies are using their brand to develop relationships with potential candidates through events and other communications to widen the funnel and reducing time-to-hire.

4. Social media. Good or bad? Whatever your opinion it can be a very cost-effective channel to target individuals. The advice is don’t go straight for the kill with your job ads but use a series of communications to build trust and create a community of followers. The landscape is changing all the time so keep your ear to the ground PS. Did you know that TikTok is the fastest growing social network?

I’d love to know what you’ve heard on the grapevine, through your network or in the news that you can share. Please drop me an email at

GRB Blog Author and Student - Dan Hawes

Dan Hawes is the Marketing Director at Graduate Recruitment Bureau. He hopes to enlighten students, graduates and employers with his wisdom from over 20 years in the industry.  

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