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5 Reasons to Use a Digital Interview or Assessment Solution

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If you are looking for a workaround as you cannot interview or meet students and graduates in person as a result of Coronavirus COVID-19, then a digital assessment centre or interview solution can provide a seamless way to continue to hire the best of the best graduate recruits your organisation deserves.

Considering switching to a digital assessment centre or interview solution? If you are thinking of testing this technology then there are a range of solutions that have been around for some time. Video interviewing especially has been a rising trend among graduate recruiters since 2012 with 6% of recruiters using video interviewing, peaking at 53% in 2017 (Source: ISE). With Investment banks and IT recruiters leading the way, most technical issues have been ironed out making the path clear for others to take advantage. 

Google teams, Skype, Zoom or other platforms/tools can enable recruiters to interact remotely very easily. Given the COVID-19 outbreak, you may have no choice right now but it is by no means a second-best alternative with many upsides for both employer and candidate. Here are 5 reasons we think you can benefit from using a digital assessment centre or interview solution; 

1. Cost - With no expenses to pay (for the candidate and hiring managers to get to one site), using a digital assessment centre or interview solution can save you money and increase your talent pool to reach candidates from new locations. 

2. Time - Setting up digital assessment centres or interviews takes far less time than phone interviews and you can involve other members of the selection team who may not be office based. With speedier interviewing processes you will also see reduced time to hire which in a competitive jobs market gives you a huge advantage. Pepsico reported a 51% saving in man hours by switching to video interviewing.

3. Easy to Share - Once the video has been saved it becomes a perfect retrievable piece of information on your candidates that can be reviewed by the team - not only to check for things missed - but also as a training tool to improve your own technique or train others.

4. Candidate Experience and Flexibility - Students and graduates love the convenience and are very comfortable with this technology via their tablet, laptop or phone. Many will view this as a positive candidate experience giving your brand a brilliant first impression in the eyes of this important audience.

5. Better Way to Assess Communication Skills - Instead of screening via the phone, having actual face-to-face communication, albeit remotely, gives you better insights into candidates verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

If you are looking for a solution to continue recruiting first-class graduates using a digital assessment centre or interview solution then please contact GRB for more details.

Dan Hawes is the Co-Founder of the GRB Group. He hopes to enlighten students, graduates and employers with his wisdom from over 25 years in the industry.

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