Want to see your work published and improve your chances of getting an amazing graduate job after university? Well, look no further.

Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB)’s blog is looking for student and graduate contributors.

Could that be you?

You can write for us just the once if you like or if you are someone with loads of relevant ideas and loves to write then feel free to send us your other article pitches. There is no set amount of times so no pressure! 

Yes! There are a few pointers and guidelines to follow to help get you started and to keep your blog on track, we will send you these when you apply to write for us and your idea has been approved. 

This is a completely voluntary thing, so it is not paid in any way. We see it as allowing students and grads to create a piece of published work and to gain some more experience in writing. It is on a very casual basis so there is no commitment or documents to sign, it is your choice on what you would like to take from this experience and opportunity! 

Towards the end of this page you will be able to discover what blog titles we are currently accepting applications for, when you click the ' Apply Here' button it will asl you which of the topics you are interst in writing about. Our blog editor will then email you a confirmation after reviewing your application as a go head to start your article! 

We tend to publish one blog a week. In terms of which blog we choose to publish each time it can depend on a few things. We try and publish articles that are relevant to the point we are at in the academic year. If we have more generic articles then these can be posted whenever so don't worry if you have sent an article over and you don't see it published straight away. 

Become a contributor for GRB's blog


About our blog:

If you want to work in an area that requires excellent communication skills, for example: PR, Journalism, Marketing, Publishing, Copy Writing, Editing and many more, you should be able to offer examples of published work to a prospective employer.

Writing for GRB is not only a way to get your work published, but it will be seen by thousands of students, graduates and employers that visit our site. Not only that, but we will share your posts across our social media channels, further increasing the reach of your work.

Our writers have gone on to write for the Independent, the Guardian, the Telegraph, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Metro, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider and many more.

Topics/articles that we like:

  • Listicles / gifsicles
  • In-depth original advice pieces
  • Student / graduate life
  • Student / university advice
  • Careers advice

Our most popular posts:

  • Student Jobs You May Have Not Considered 
  • 8 Proven Ways to Look After Your Mental Health at University 
  • 40 Questions to Expect in a Grad Job Interview
  • Don't Have a Grad Scheme? Don't Panic!
  • So You've Finished University... Now What? 

How to get started:

We are currently excepting applications for the following blog titles...

  • How to stand out when you graduate
    Talk about some ideas on how graduates can stand out in the jobs market, for example, how they can develop themselevs in other ways and their job applications to do this.
  • Why should I even do an internship?
    Develop some advantages on what doing an internship will mean for a student and what it could potentially involve.  
  • Top Paying Growing Industries for Graduate Jobs 
    Talk about some of the top growing industries for graduate job roles and mention what the average salaries are. 
  • An experience of my own that I think could be helpful to write about for others 
    This could be anything about a placement experience, applying for grad schemes, first year expereinces... anything to do with student or univerity life!
  • What is my student loan even paying for?
    Talk about some specific points about what a student tuition loan goes towards and give the typical breakdown of it, you may be paying for things you never see or use!
  • Apps to progress your life!
    Pick a handful of current apps on the market that can be a healthy and beneficial addition to any students or graduates life!

At this stage, we do not accept guest posts for the sake of link-building. We also do not currently accept guest posts from external companies.

If you would like to propose any of your own blog titles rather than those stated above please forward any other article proposals over to our blog editor at [email protected] with the subject of the email as 'Write a blog for GRB'. 

To apply to become a contributor, please fill out the quick form below by clicking on 'Apply here' !