Want to see your work published and improve your chances of getting an amazing graduate job after university? Well, look no further.

Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB)’s blog is looking for student and graduate contributors.

Could that be you?

You can write for us just the once if you like or if you are someone with loads of relevant ideas and loves to write then feel free to send us your other article pitches. There is no set amount of times so no pressure! 

Yes! There are a few pointers and guidelines to follow to help get you started and to keep your blog on track, we will send you these when you apply to write for us and your idea has been approved. 

This is a completely voluntary thing, so it is not paid in any way. We see it as allowing students and grads to create a piece of published work and to gain some more experience in writing. It is on a very casual basis so there is no commitment or documents to sign, it is your choice on what you would like to take from this experience and opportunity! 

Before sending us your ideas please check out the current blogs we have already uploaded as we don't want to be duplicating any ideas that are too similar. Of course, they can be on the same topic but please base it on a different element or perspective to give our readers the variety and wide range of material. Most of all keep subjects relevant and something you think would help the GRB audience! 

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About our blog:

If you want to work in an area that requires excellent communication skills, for example: PR, Journalism, Marketing, Publishing, Copy Writing, Editing and many more, you should be able to offer examples of published work to a prospective employer.

Writing for GRB is not only a way to get your work published, but it will be seen by thousands of students, graduates and employers that visit our site. Not only that, but we will share your posts across our social media channels, further increasing the reach of your work.

Our writers have gone on to write for the Independent, the Guardian, the Telegraph, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Metro, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider and many more.

Topics/articles that we like:

  • Listicles / gifsicles
  • In-depth original advice pieces
  • Student / graduate life
  • Student / university advice
  • Careers advice
  • Recruiter advice

Our most popular posts:

How to get started:

You don’t need to be a student or recent graduate, but it does help. Explain your situation and reason for contribution in our form.

At this stage, we do not accept guest posts for the sake of link-building. 

To apply to become a contributor, please fill out the quick form below.