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About our blog:

If you want to work in an area that requires excellent communication skills, for example: PR, Journalism, Marketing, Publishing, Copy Writing, Editing and many more, you should be able to offer examples of published work to a prospective employer.

Writing for GRB is not only a way to get your work published, but it will be seen by thousands of students, graduates and employers that visit our site. Not only that, but we will share your posts across our social media channels, further increasing the reach of your work.

Our writers have gone on to write for the Independent, the Guardian, the Telegraph, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Metro, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider and many more.

Topics/articles that we like:

  • Listicles / gifsicles
  • In-depth original advice pieces
  • Student / graduate life
  • Student / university advice
  • Careers advice
  • Recruiter advice

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You don’t need to be a student or recent graduate, but it does help. Explain your situation and reason for contribution in our form.

At this stage, we do not accept guest posts for the sake of link-building. 

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