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The Three Essential Factors That Will Boost Your Job-Hunt

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We all have read those magazine articles, the ones that say things like 'the five best ways to revise' or 'the top ten tips for a healthy body' and I am sure that you, like me, have questioned how important each factor is. But here is the Graduate Recruitment Bureau's own 'top three' based article and I can assure you that each pointer is both of equal and essential importance.

Here are the three vital factors that will boost the success of your job-hunting:

1. Self-improvement.

Think about your lifestyle - are you getting enough sleep, are you drinking in excess, are you doing regular exercise? These factors, although they might seem in a completely different sphere of interest to that of your working life, can certainly factor into your interview success rate. Turning up to an interview with bags under your eyes and the remains of a hangover is a clear no-no. Think about aesthetics: potential employers can judge within seconds of meeting you whether you are a healthy, happy person, just from your general appearance. Getting enough sleep during the week - not only the night before an interview - cannot be valued highly enough.

2. Your CV.

GRB is constantly reminding graduates to MAKE THEIR CVs RELEVANT. There is no such thing as one CV; everyone should have a 'base' CV, which they mould around the jobs they are applying for. For example, graduates applying for a position on a newspaper should emphasise their journalistic work experience at a magazine and role as an editor for the student paper, yet leave off details about their law internship or the business-based competitions they won at school - the potential employers just wont care!

3. Sticking to a routine.

In the days spent job-hunting, it is easy to lose a sense of daily routine. Without a job or lectures to wake up for, many graduates find themselves becoming lazy and whittling away the time they should be spending searching for a job. This goes particularly for those still living with their parents, who find themselves treating their time as if they are on holiday and staying in a free hotel. It is really important to keep waking up early and make your days productive. Schedule specific time into your day for job-hunting and ensure you aren't just socialising but boosting your CV too.

If you keep to these three essential factors, I can assure you that your job-hunting will be far more productive. I can't guarantee you will find a job but I can ensure that your days will feel less worthless, which in turn will lead you to feeling more fulfilled and happy and thus perform better under interview conditions.

Kate, GRB Journalist

kate samuelson grb author

Kate studied English at the University of Bristol.

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