The RAF is the airborne sector of the British Armed Forces, which works in co-operation with the Royal Navy and the Army. Like the other branches, the RAF's role is to protect the interests and people of the UK in military matters both at home and abroad, to work to strengthen internal peace and security and contribute to humanitarian actions across the world. The RAF is dedicated to hiring, training and retaining the very best personnel to achieve its goals.

The RAF graduate scheme

Training begins with an initial 32-week course that runs alongside numerous other training and assessment programmes designed to test and prepare graduates for a career as an officer in the RAF. Leadership, team work and communications skills will be advanced at every stage. The RAF also offers and supports graduates looking to gain professional qualifications that will benefit their careers.

Promotion prospects to higher ranks are available to those who demonstrate the right attitude and commitment to their working responsibility. The opportunity to work around the world and experience a wide range of situations that many people will never get the chance are definite options for graduates in any line of RAF career.

What you need:

No degree requirements set. Suitable applicants for the RAF need to be motivated, energetic, enthusiastic and hard-working. An interest in travel and international relations could be an advantage if coupled with a desire to make a difference. Strong leadership potential and good communications skills would also set graduates in good stead.

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