The Ministry of Defence is an organisation made up of a large team, including a significant number of scientists and engineers, whose job it is to develop and test a range of new gadgets and technologies to aid national defence services, and help run the nation's military services - including managing budgets and coordinating operations.

The Ministry of Defence graduate scheme

- As well as running a fast track scheme for graduates applying for entry level jobs, the Ministry of Defence also runs a Defence Engineering and Science Group (DESG) scheme and a Business Graduate Scheme (BGS), designed specifically for graduates of related subjects. 
- Those applying to the fast track scheme have excellent early promotion opportunities in a range of industry areas. A mentoring scheme is in place for graduates to liaise with an experienced professional and receive guidance in their work. The training aims to increase graduates' communication, leadership, team working and management skills, as well as giving them a sound industry appreciation. There are also opportunities to spend some time within the RAF, Navy or Army to build up experience.
- Those applying to the Defence Engineering and Science Group Scheme will undergo two years of training before receiving their first post. The training process follows the same structure as the fast track programme.
- Those applying to the Business Graduate Scheme will take part in a number of nationwide placements designed to develop the necessary leadership and communication skills required for a management role. Graduates are assigned a mentor to offer personal support and guidance, while they will, in the first year, work towards industry relevant qualifications alongside training.

What you need:
Entrants must have British Citizenship.
The Ministry of Defence specifies that applicants to the BGS should have a 2:1 minimum degree in a Business or related subject. Applicants for the DESG require a 2:1 minimum in a Science of Engineering based subject. For the fast track scheme, a good degree in any subject is required. All roles require excellent communication and team working skills, as well as high levels of enthusiasm and determination.

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