McDonald's is one of, if not the, world's largest and most recognisable fast food restaurant, to the extent that their giant 'M' logo has even been immortalised in films and songs. And it’s not just dead-end jobs flipping burgers they offer - they offer a number of graduate management career opportunities to join an ever expanding company that takes its customers' needs and environmental responsibility very seriously. In all, it offers graduates an interesting management career in a very demanding industry.

The McDonald's graduate scheme

The process starts with an intensive 18 week programme giving graduates all the background knowledge they need to move into job based training. McDonald's Trainee Business Management programme then offers graduates everything they need to build a career in management - first hand experience, the chance to develop interpersonal skills and industry specific knowledge. Graduates will first act as Second Assistant Managers, but can quickly move through the early ranks based on performance and suitability. Further promotion opportunities exist for those graduates with the skill and desire to take them, with senior and executive positions a possibility for the most suitable candidates.

What you need:
Applicants must have excellent leadership skills and motivational qualities. They should be energetic, committed and hard working - essential characteristics to survive in a fast-paced environment. In addition applicants must have good decision making skills at all times. McDonald's employs people on individual merit who have the right characteristic, and so considers applications from graduates from any discipline.

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