Lloyds TSB is a well known high street banking chain, providing financial services for individuals, as well as clients across the private sector, businesses and international corporations. Lloyds TSB works hard to provide the services its clients need at affordable prices. Lloyds TSB also owns Cheltenham & Gloucester and Scottish Widows, as well as being a part of the Lloyds TSB banking group that owns HBOS (Halifax and Bank of Scotland) and its subsidiaries, making it a large and influential provider of financial services.

The Lloyds graduate scheme

Graduate training schemes with Lloyds TSB are typically 2 years long, though finance is three. Training involves a number of job placements giving graduates real experience and responsibility from the start. At every stage Lloyds TSB is dedicated to giving its graduates every opportunity to develop all the necessary leadership skills required for a career in management, as well as nurturing and developing graduates' personal skills.

Roles Available
- General Management
- Finance
- Corporate Markets
- Human Relations
- IT
- Retail Leaders

What You Need
At least a 2:1 degree in any discipline (though both Finance and Corporate Markets require strong numerical aptitude), and a clear passion for the area you are applying for is essential for Lloyds TSB's graduate schemes. Good judgment, drive and analytical skills are also important attributes for applicants to posses.

Featured Graduate Recruiters: