ExxonMobil is a global energy company and the most profitable company in the world. It operates many oil and gas fields around the world but a lot of its assets are linked to stakes in oil fields operated by other companies so that its UK organization is more business and marketing orientated than Shell and BP.

The ExxonMobil Graduate Scheme

ExxonMobil support gaining of professional qualifications and supply specific training related to the job you are doing aimed at creating an effective leader. While working for ExxonMobil you will be doing a real job that is genuinely contributing to the business.

Training may be on the job or through external courses. ExxonMobil has close links with the London Business School through which graduates can take part in the "ExxonMobil Graduate Development Programme" consisting of a 2 year modular programme at the London Business School to develop business and people management skills.

ExxonMobil will provide a mentor to help build your career and identify personal development needs. There is a system in place of regular review and appraisal. When you first join the company there is a week long induction at an outdoors activity centre to introduce you to the company and allow you to build a social network within the company.

Roles available in:
 - Chemical sales and marketing
 - Finance
 - Fuels Marketing
 - Gas & Petroleum marketing
 - Human Resources
 - IT
 - Production
 - Refining and chemicals

What you need:
Roles within ExxonMobil may require specific degree disciplines, but you must have a 2.1 class or above degree or a 2.2 or above class if you are doing a post graduate qualification. To participate in the graduate scheme to must have graduated within the past 4 years.


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