The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and the leading advisor on business strategy. The BCG aims to develop companies and organisations to build a competitive advantage and maintain lasting success. Working with clients in all business sectors, the BCG's approach is one of in-depth market knowledge and close working relationships. Since 1990, the BCG has grown at an annual rate of 16%, creating significant opportunities for graduates looking to join the consultancy industry.

The Boston Consulting Group graduate scheme

Trainees at BCG are put straight to work with clients, alongside experienced personnel, teaching them both inter-client relations and business strategy. BCG provides numerous and flexible training opportunities, with both core and personal programmes, created to allow for the right growth and development for each graduate.

Roles available:
Associate Consultant

What you need:
At least a 2:1 degree is required. Graduates who are curious and engaged, inventive and creative when approaching problems, and have good leadership skills are prime candidates to apply to BCG's graduate courses. A history of past internships at relevant firms and international study or work experience will be useful.

Featured Graduate Recruiters:

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