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5 Takeaways From Diversity and Inclusion Conference

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GRB experts have their ear to the ground on all matters that surround early talent, early careers and graduate recruitment. Hear from our expert, Katy Prior, as she shares her top takeaways from a one day conference with over 200 in-house early talent recruiters at the EDI Conference hosted by ISE in London.

1.    Be Authentic. It's been said before but it's worth repeating, being genuine in your intentions and the way you portray your company and values is key to resonate with a younger audience. Especially with subjects as emotive as diversity and inclusion, any attempt to create a false image will damage your reputation. Action: Avoid the "poster child" approach.

2.    Ask The People Who Matter. All recruitment processes are for your student and graduate applicants so use the opportunity to ask them via feedback surveys and ask if they felt it was inclusive. Action: Use GRB feedback survey templates and get applicants to complete anonymously for maximum take up.

3.    Get in Front of Young People.....And Inspire Them. They are craving information so give it them and they'll thank you for it. There is so much misinformation, preconceptions and myths about careers so explain what ‘management consulting’ or ‘engineering’ actually is. Students from lower socio-economics groups won’t know this. Action: Create an engaging way to share information on your sector.

4.    Be Transparent. If you track diversity at your organisation, tell the students and graduates why. They don’t want to feel they’re just a tick box. Action: Include a statement why you are collecting diversity data.  

5.    Work in Progress. Employers are making great strides with regard to diversity and inclusive hiring practices but there is still so much work to be done. Lots of students at university don’t think it’s possible that they’ll be able to land their dream graduate scheme because they think they’re from a lower socio-economic group. We need to change this thought process and make their dream job accessible. Action: It can be overwhelming knowing where to start so try and take a small step with your diversity recruitment plan e.g.audit your exisiting workforce.

Myself and our team are available to advise, help and plan your diversity and inclusion recruitment plan. Email [email protected] today!

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