Our recruitment for recruitment team is one of the biggest departments at GRB. We have a huge portfolio of clients across the UK and overseas looking to hire graduates as recruitment consultants - not to mention our our hiring needs. Take a look at some of the recent candidate testimonials for our 'rec to rec' team below.

Candidate Testimonials for Recruitment:

"Having graduated with the notion of finding a glamorous job quickly and easily it didn't take long to realise this not something I could do without help. I spent six months trawling through applications for various sales jobs in various industries. I eventually submitted my CV to GRB and within a few days I had a call. The consultants manage to set up seven interviews in four days and the rest is history.

I have now worked for a city based search from for 5 months and already been halfway across the world on several occasions with the company. I would recommend recruitment to any young graduate who wants to earn good money reasonably quickly. I am earning more than all of my friends (even Oxbridge grads), and more importantly I'm enjoying it.
I had previously used a number of agencies before GBR and they had all disappointed. Within the space of two weeks of speaking to GRB I had interviews for a handful of companies that I wanted to join and subsequently I was choosing who I wanted to work for and not the other way around."
- Tom, City Based Search Firm

"Having graduated in Management and Marketing in June 2007, alongside many of my peers, I was in a state of panic and confusion about my future career, and arranging the next big step in my life. 

The consultants at GRB were so helpful, and had an in-depth chat with me, gaining an understanding of my experience and what I enjoyed.  They also thoroughly explained to me the differences between recruitment agencies, what I should expect and took the time to listen to what I was looking for moving forward. Within two weeks, GRB had arranged three initial interviews for me with various Agencies varying in culture and size.  I received quick and thorough feedback following each interview, and I found it easy to be open and honest with my consultant. 
Following various interviews, I decided to accept an offer, with an international executive search Consultancy and am now coming up to one year at the Agency, having now successfully set up my own division in the company. GRB really helped me clarify what I wanted moving forward, and made the whole process stress free, arranging everything for me at each step of the way."
- Olivia, PR Headhunting Agency

"I was a graduate from the University of Birmingham looking to get into the recruitment industry.  GRB offered a great service, they interviewed me over the phone and I had interviews lined up for the next week.  They were friendly, helpful and hard working.  Eventually they found me a position working for a great recruitment company in London. 
It was exactly what I wanted! I'm still at this company and enjoying it."
- Jennifer, Large Accountancy Recruitment Consultancy

"I was a Physics graduate, looking to earn a high wage in London. I knew my career would involve some sort of Sales. GRB were excellent in suggesting Recruitment to me as a possible career path, including full explanations into the various areas of recruitment.

I have now been at my company for 6 months and I am an Account Manager working alongside a recruiter. As my recruitment is overseas, I have already travelled to Miami, Belgium, Tunisia and Kenya on business, with more planned in the near future!

The service I received from the GRB was second to none, impartial advice and a friendly voice on the phone was never far away! Thanks a lot for all your help."
- Dominic, Boutique Telecommunications Recruitment Consultancy

"Many thanks for your help in the process, it was refreshing to be involved with an agency who treat you like a person.  Initially I had Recruitment pencilled in as a bit of a back up option but now I have chosen it over things I thought I'd much prefer - there are a few reasons for this, one being the quality of clients that you presented to me and also rather significantly the way I saw you guys work.  When I was a teacher the best way to learn was to watch other good teachers and the experience I had with the GRB consultants showed me there were credible people in the industry.
I had a think about why it was better than some other agencies....
- Very personable
- The ability to always sound delighted to hear from me
- Calibre of clients
- I never felt like I was being sold anything even though I was
- Took time to understand need/person
- Genuinely good advice - I would not have this position without it
 -Ability to articulate the merits of recruitment to a total sceptic
- Honest"
- Doug, Boutique Financial Recruiter

"Last year I was coming to the end of a Master's degree and was very undecided about a career path. A friend recommended the GRB and so I spoke with several departments before coming to the conclusion that recruitment was for me. I decided to join my current firm in October 2007 and since then I have been promoted from Research Associate to Senior Research Associate. Without G4R I would not have thought to go into recruitment and I appreciated their advice and knowledge of the market."
- Karin, Intellectual Property Headhunting Firm

"GRB's efficiency was refreshing and you really felt the whole team was there to help you!"
Kerri - Intellectual Property Headhunting Firm

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