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Why You're Not Seeing All Of The Jobs Out There

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You've got a lot of potential. I don't know you, so that's a fairly ambitious opening gambit. But one which can be backed up with some hard and fast, generally applicable, evidence.

You've got a lot of potential because you probably haven't tapped into all the numerous opportunities available to graduates and students still searching for the ideal job.<br/><br/>For instance, although you've probably signed up to a few websites and/or agencies in order to receive updates on potential positions, there's a good chance that this has been limited to one or two. Scrap that idea, go for 3, 4, 5 if necessary. Each site and organisation will have different jobs displayed, categorised and highlighted. They'll all be receiving a range of opportunities and the one which is right for you may be just waiting on a site.<br/><br/><br/><br/>The trick here is to make the best use of Google or whichever search engine you happen to use. In the first instance they provide a tailor-made list of good websites and agencies to look into, which you'll need if you follow the advice above. In addition to this search engines can be used to set up relevant updates - if you have a specific business or company in mind - or else in searching for jobs directly.<br/><br/>While these two strands are an excellent place to start, and should hopefully form the basis of your job hunt, the next couple of tricks are good to bear in mind when the going gets tough. So, even though your friends may be aware of your quest for employment, it can't hurt to ask around. Much is made of networking these days, well where better to start than with the people closest to you? They may know someone or have excellent suggestions, ready to share, if only the question is posed.<br/><br/>Last but not least, bear in mind that not all jobs are advertised, made easily available, or appear on recruitment websites. It makes sense to highlight certain companies which appeal to you, either for ideological purposes or because they offer roles akin to the one you're after, and contact them directly. You never know, it may have some potential...<br/><br/>Jordan, GRB Journalist

jordan bishop grb author

Jordan studied Geography at the University of Northampton.

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