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The Final 6 Months of My Industrial Placement Year (Insight)

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Our 2016-17 industrial placement student, Lewis Whitehead, reflects on his final months at GRB...

Following on from my previous article My Industrial Placement So Far (6 Months In) I am sadly coming to the end of my placement year. Here's what I got up to the rest of the year...

My new role

After my time in marketing, I moved back to the commercial recruitment team as a Recruitment Co-Ordinator. I initially started out by resourcing for a recruitment campaign to get back into the swing of things and managed to make a placement in my first two weeks back! I was provided with further training on how to handle projects from start to finish and was eased in to having client contact. With the new level of responsibility, I have been able to manage processes from start to finish, take on my own clients and add monetary value to the business. I have managed to bill just under £15,000 in my time since February – and I’m expecting to receive another deal before I leave. It has been fantastic to see my hard work pay off, as well as earning some commission along the way. I had the chance to go on an important client-visit which was an invaluable experience as it allowed me to further my business acumen and understand important negotiation techniques. Since taking on my own projects, I have managed to place candidates into every role. It has been very rewarding to be able to guide graduates through each step of the interview process, building relationships with them and ultimately placing them into their dream jobs.

Placement Project

I have been working on my dissertation whilst on my placement, looking at internships and addressing whether they’re advantageous for graduates and undergraduates. I have conducted a large amount of research on my project, spending hours upon hours after work searching through our database to gather data and insight. I interviewed consultants from different markets, which were extremely happy and willing to help. The information which they provided was exceptionally beneficial. For part of my dissertation I had to conduct a presentation stating where I was at currently as well as findings and conclusions I had made at that current stage. I worked extremely hard to make sure that I had gathered all of my primary and secondary data so that my presentation was the best it could be. My managing consultant Danielle was kind enough to provide her time to run-through my presentation the day before, providing some really useful tips which I feel ultimately a huge part in my success on the day. On the day I was extremely nervous, but confident in the presentation and analysis which I had conducted. I presented to my dissertation tutor Linda, Dan Hawes (GRB co-founder) and Steve Agace (Associate Director) in the GRB office. The presentation went extremely well and the overall consensus was that everybody was very impressed. I then managed to confidently answer tricky questions which were sent my way. I stepped outside whilst they debriefed, and at this stage I was relieved but extremely apprehensive to find out how I did. I was delighted to be called back in to be awarded with a first for my presentation which leaves me in a really good spot for the final write-up of my dissertation which is due in October. GRB have mentioned that if there are any contacts or further assistance they can offer they would be more than happy to do so.

Social Events

Social events have continued throughout the year. We’ve had cocktails at Spiegeltent, watched improv at The Warren - both of which are part of the Brighton Fringe Festival - escaped an escape room, and the list goes on! Breaking up work with a monthly social event and a few drinks has really helped with the work-life balance as well as turning colleagues into great friends.


As a whole, my thirteen months here at GRB have been unforgettable. When I first applied to a placement I didn’t expect to receive half of the opportunities I have had throughout my time here. I have been treated in the same regard as any other employee would and I have been given the same (if not more!) opportunities. GRB are allowing me to work part-time alongside my final year studies which has massively removed the stress of sorting out a job over summer and allows me to enjoy myself before my final year starts. My insight and knowledge into the graduate market and everything that comes with it has increased seven-fold and I feel as though I have matured a lot over this year. I would highly recommend that every student should try and do a placement year especially one here at GRB.

About the author: Lewis Whitehead is studying Business Management with Economics at the University of Brighton, and is due to graduate in 2018.

lewis whitehead grb author

Lewis Whitehead is studying Business Management with Economics at the University of Brighton, and is due to graduate in 2018.

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