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How to Stay Motivated and Productive over the Easter Break

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“Dear students, Happy Easter! We hope you’re enjoying your well-earnt break…but also don’t forget to revise!”. The Easter holidays can be hard with exams looming and all the distractions of home comforts, family, friends and…Netflix. I mean, c’mon we just want a break! With all these distractions, it can be really hard to stay motivated to revise when you’re back at home, but unfortunately, it’s got to be done. Here are some useful tips to stay motivated and productive over the Easter break, whilst still enjoying all the advantages of home.

Write weekly, not daily, to-do lists

When I’m at University, I like to make daily to-do lists to help me stay on track and fit tasks around my everyday schedule of lectures and seminars. However, it’s harder to do this during the holidays when you don’t have a set, daily routine so you become more easily distracted. Instead, set weekly targets. Therefore, if you go out with your friends or family and can’t complete a task you set yourself that day, you can be more flexible with your own deadlines and complete your task another day without feeling like you’re constantly falling behind. Click here for advice on Graduate Skills

Find the right working environment

I tend to be at my most productive when I’m in a quiet, calm environment working around other students. The University library or study zones are perfect for this so it can be hard to find this similar environment at home. I have found though that working in my local library or coffee shop in town can be equally as productive. I would recommend finding somewhere separate to your home where you can replicate the same working environment you successfully studied in whilst at University. 

Be realistic

It’s easy to say before heading home for the holidays that you’re going to get out your textbooks everyday and study hard. However, realistically, with the distractions of family, friends you haven’t seen in a while and Easter (*the chocolate, let’s be honest), you won’t have. Read our advice on combining work and study at university.    

Stay motivated!

It’s unfortunate that we have to finish a term and go straight into revising for Summer exams. It can be really easy to feel burnt out from the previous term which makes it easier to just give up on revision over the break. It’s good to give yourself a few days off to reset and refresh…but that can turn into a week’s break. The best thing to do is to create a solid (but adaptable) revision routine and don’t give up! Imagine that feeling of happiness when you finish your exams and work towards that goal, because you will feel so much more prepared if you maintain productivity throughout the holidays. You got this.   Want to read more? Check out our other Blogs: 6 Ways to Switch Up The Way You Study, 4 Best Planners For Productivity and 5 Top Tips to Meet Your Deadline 
GRB Blog Author and Student - Hannah Vile

Hannah is an undergraduate English student studying at Exeter University who loves reading, writing and plants.

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