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How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

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Starting a new job, joining a new society, moving into halls, just going outside? There are lots of times in our lives when we need to believe in ourselves, but sometimes it is easier said than done...

So where to start? Social media is filled with an overwhelming number of tips and tricks on how to boost your self-confidence from dressing a certain way to what you eat, some a little more achievable than others... But do not worry, I have gathered the best ways for you to boost your self-confidence right here! 

Identify and Challenge Negative Thoughts  

It is so easy to talk yourself down or to always assume the worst in situations. Start by becoming aware of negative self-talk that undermines your confidence. There is no proof of any truth in these thoughts, even though it very much feels like it... Instead, challenge these thoughts by questioning how true they might be, and replace them with positive affirmations! Focus on your strengths and accomplishments and everything you have achieved instead of your failures and shortcomings. It is easy to end up in a negative spiral which lowers your self-confidence, so challenge the negative thoughts and call them out for the lies that they are!  

Set Achievable Goals 

We all want to achieve as much as we can and as quickly as we can, however, sometimes we forget that not everything happens overnight. There is a reason people say it takes 10.000 hours to master a new skill... So instead of expecting to achieve your end goal in two weeks' time, set specific and realistic goals which are easier to achieve than your end goal. By breaking down your goal into smaller more manageable tasks you will ‘quicker’ achieve your goals, which allows you to celebrate each accomplishment and give you a feeling of success. The sense of progress and achievement will boost your confidence and motivate you to continue pursuing your goals. As you should!  

Practice Self-Care 

Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is super important when boosting your confidence. Getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, and exercising in a way that feels right for you is as good for your physical health as it is for your mental health. It is important to take time for activities that bring you joy and allow you to rewind and relax. Remember, self-care can be everything from going on a run to wearing face masks and eating ice cream. Do what makes you feel good. Taking care of yourself sends a positive message to your subconscious mind, reinforcing self-worth and confidence. 

Develop New Skills 

Not only is learning new skills fun and useful for your CV, but it can also enhance your confidence. Expanding your knowledge allows you to see the world from new perspectives, whilst also keeping your brain engaged. Identify areas of interest or areas where you feel you could improve and invest time and effort in learning and developing those skills. Maybe it is time to learn a new language, how to cook good Italian food or play a new instrument? As you get better and better at your new skill/hobby, you will naturally feel more confident in your abilities and competence.  

Step out of Your Comfort Zone 

As annoying as it might feel, growth often happens when you push past your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to try new things, take calculated risks, and face your fears. By stepping outside our comfort zone, we learn that most of the time, whatever we were afraid of or thought would happen was all made up. Each small step outside your comfort zone can help you build resilience and confidence in your ability to handle new situations. Before you know it, trying new things and putting yourself in ‘unknown’ situations will be the easiest thing in the world, as you will be confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. You can do more than you think!  

Surround Yourself with Positive and Supportive People 

Whilst the energy you put into the world impacts your self-confidence, the energy of those around you does the same. Surround yourself with supportive and positive individuals who believe in you and encourage your personal growth. Think of the people in your life like the ‘audience’ during a marathon, if they are not cheering you on all the way to the finish line, what is the point? Seek out mentors or join communities of like-minded individuals who can provide guidance and motivation on your journey. Whilst we can be more, or less, extroverted as individuals, we all need the encouraging presence of positive and supportive people in our lives.  

Final Thoughts 

Remember that it is normal for your self-confidence to go up and down in life, it is a gradual process, and takes time and effort. Be patient with yourself and celebrate your successes along the way. Take some time and apply these tips into your everyday life, for some fool-proof ways to boost your self-confidence!  

Alice is a Marketing and Management with Psychology student at the University of Sussex, and is currently on a placement year as marketing assistant at GRB! Outside of work she enjoys everything music, going out with friends, and travelling. 

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