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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Post-Uni Gap Year

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For many, the final year of university is a daunting time where future plans have to be made whilst simultaneously battling a never ending pile of job applications. Sometimes it feels like the world is going to end if you don’t manage to secure a job that will comfortably sort out the next few years of your life as soon as possible. However, there doesn’t have to be so much pressure to get a job straight away, and a gap year may be something to consider. Here are my top 6 reasons why you should consider a post-uni gap year!

1. To take a well-deserved break

For most students, especially if you haven’t had a pre-uni gap year, there has never been a time where you can completely take a break from the pressures of studying and deadlines. This is your chance to have a well-deserved break and to focus on other things in life, instead of dealing with the stress of job applications, assessment centres, and interviews.

2. It’s a great way to experience the world

Taking a travelling or volunteering gap year can be a great way to meet new people and experience things that you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to. Have you ever considered teaching English abroad, or perhaps spending the summer at a summer camp in America? There are many organisations that specialise in volunteering experiences and can help you discover what you want to do so you aren’t completely on your own!

3. It will be hard to get another opportunity to travel

Building on the previous point, once you have settled into a job straight out of uni, there will be limited time off work to have the opportunity to travel. So, take the chance to do so whilst you can; it is the perfect time to go before you start your career.

4. Gain more confidence before settling in a job 

I personally don’t feel ready to jump in to a career yet, and if this is you, a gap year may allow you to gain confidence and independence to prepare you for your first proper job. If you're still unsure about your desired career path, you can use this year to attend careers fairs and networking events. This will give you the chance to get a better insight before you take the time to apply for graduate jobs so that you can make a more informed decision about where and what to apply for. You may find that something you experience during this year majorly influences your career choice!

5. You can earn some money

Taking a year off may seem financially challenging, however you don’t necessarily have to spend the whole year travelling and spending money. A good way to get around this is to work and save up for a few months, making sure to budget. This could be something as casual as working in a shop or a bar. Remember, when you do eventually get a graduate job, relocating often means paying a hefty deposit when you move into your new accommodation, so it's good to start your new job with some money to fall back on. 

6. Having a productive gap year can boost your CV

Just because you don’t necessarily have a career straight out of uni doesn’t mean you can’t add to your cv. Doing something such as volunteering abroad can be a great way to show off your productive gap year to employers and it is also a chance to make a difference in someone else’s life. It's a brilliant way to showcase your maturity and to show how your skills have developed outside of university. 
So if you're stressing out about getting a graduate job and are feeling the pressure of grad job applications, make sure you at least consider a gap year as there are many advantages in doing so and there may not be a better opportunity to be completely commitment free again! If you enjoyed this Blog, here's some more: How to make the most of your student summer5 Pivotal Lessons I Learnt From My Final Year of Uni and Post-Graduation Panic: 4 Ways to Cope
GRB Blog Author and Student - Izzy Walker

Izzy is a third year English and Philosophy student at the University of Nottingham. Her favourite book is Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier and she enjoys going to the gym, writing and going for brunch. She hopes to follow a career in publishing in the future.

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